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Activities for Children this summer!


activités enfants été


Summer is coming!


Almost the end of this very special school year. With sunny days, you can think of various activities with kids to play with...






Little ones really enjoy playing with water: it does not necessarily mean a mess if it is well prepared!

From 2/3 years and up, they love transferring objects and pouring from one glass/bowl to another. In this tutorial, we've done it with rice but in the current weather, you can also do it with 2 glasses full of water...or with 2 bowls...or 2 buckets, if your family has a garden!



vidéo activité


Make sure first that sleeves are up, and that you have material at hand to wipe (sponge, cloth...)

It's a very good practice of handwork (fine skill motricity) and a way to develop the autonomy to help oneself with water at the table etc...



...and Nature




Longest days of the year, sunny afternoons...and the possibility again to go into parks etc... All good reasons to plan outdoor activities !

Watching the sky...and finding animal shapes in clouds (ohhh can you see the rabbit etc ?)



Gathering little treasures... to create pieces of work , like a dancing queen...




...or an animal ! Use what you find around you: grass, pebble, leaves, sticks...and your imagination! And let the kids use their imagination too !


That's what land art is about...

Have a good summer start...



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