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The City of Science and Industry and the Palace of Discovery: Our New Partner

We are proud to announce the new partnership established by Speaking-Agency with the City of Science and Industry and the Palais de la découverte! This mythical place and the activities that compose it are waiting for you and your family!

Discover the world with a fresh eye thanks to the Cité des enfants!


cité des sciences


From nature to animals, from the evolution of Man to the human body itself to the inventions of man, the City of Science and Industry offers many activities in various and varied fields that will please enormously to your children, young and old! You may even learn some things during your turn in this magical place.

This new partnership is in line with Speaking-Agency's mission: to awaken the curiosity of each child and contribute to the development of his autonomy.

What could be better than the City of Science and Industry so that your child can experiment concretely and practically, as recommended by active pedagogies?

Your children will love! All activities are very fun and adapted to their size and age.

The Cité des enfants, an exceptional place designed only for children

Within the City of Science and Industry is the City of Children. This 1700 m2 site is divided into two areas: the 2-7 year space and the 5-12 year area.

In the space reserved for children from 2 to 7 years old, the activities set up are intended to support the development of the child and his faculties, as well as to help him to open up to the world and above all to others. The children are then accompanied by an adult in this space divided into 5 themes: "I discover myself", "I know how to do", "I spot", "All together" and "I experiment".


jeu d'eau petits


As for the space reserved for children from 5 to 12 years, children can play independently. This time, the activities put in place are based on the discovery of scientific and technical phenomena in order to introduce them to the sciences and to develop their interest in them. This time, the space is divided into 6 thematic areas: "The Body", "Communicate", "Studio TV", "Water Games", "The Garden", and "The Factory".



A partnership in line with the mission of Speaking-Agency: to awaken the curiosity of each child.

The exciting games, activities and discoveries of the City of Science and Industry are fully aligned with our fulfilling child care services.

As part of our partnership we offer a preferential rate from mid-May, the opportunity to plan a family visit, or an outing of your children and your nanny. The ticket will cost 8 € instead of 12 € for adults and 9 € for children. To enjoy it simply indicate the code SPEAKING19 when buying online.

More information: visit their website.


cité des sciences et de l'industrie
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