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Do you speak Football?

kids suppporting french team

Everyone knows that speaking English is an important skill to have. But there is a language even more international - FOOTBALL!

Speaking-Agency breaks down some expressions you might hear from other countries at a football match...

Rule number 1 - tactics


  • « Fox in a box »

This English term refers to a  ruthless attacker, ready to score at all times. Like an Olivier Giroud or a Graziano Pellè.


  • « Sedzia kalosz ! »

Translated from Polish as"rubber boots" this is used to show displeasure with the referee. No doubt that this expression is often used, which never complains about the referee during a match?


  • « Tiro telefonato »

In Italian, "a shot telephoned" is a shot so predictable that the keeper can not miss it.


  • « Gras fressen »

A German expression that describes a team ready to give everything for the victory.


  • « Levar um Frango »

This Portuguese expression is assigned to a goalkeeper when he has made mistakes throughout the match and is responsible for the defeat of his team. Term that obviously is not applicable to the Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patricio.


Rule number 2 - Fair Play

A football game is played on the field but also in the stands! The excitement and team spirit between supporters are important parts of a sports competition. In this game, it is the Irish who can boast the best fans thanks to their encouragement without fail but also their respect towards the opposing supporters, and even their support in song to the French police: "Stand up for the French police! ".


Rule number 3 - Avoid foul language

Whether at the stadium or in front of their TV, there is always a moment when the fans scream scandal and express their discontent with the players and the referees when their team is under an attack. Because a football match without the regulatory insults is not a football game. No need to be a linguist to understand these terms, which we will not mention, that all supporters have already said or heard. These are certainly not the ones you will use on your next trip but probably the ones you'll recognise more easily!



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