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Ten good reasons to learn a foreign Language!

Learning a new language can bring you so much more than a knowledge. Speaking-agency will give you 10 great thinks you could have if decide to go bilingual!

1. Discover another culture!

A language is not only about syntax or grammar, it’s also an important part of a foreign culture. It can give you hints about people’s way of thinking . As Philosopher Emil Cioran said, “we don’t inhabit countries , we inhabit languages”. So there’s really a lot to discover about someone by learning his language.

2. Get a better career!

A new American study showed that bilingual people are willing to earn between 2000 and 3000 more dollars annually than people only speaking their mother tongue. Everything is not about money, but you’ll also get more interesting jobs by being bilingual

3.Travel more and travel better!

The more languages you speak, the more countries you’ll be able to travel. Besides,  you won’t have to go in all the tourist places because you’ll know how to talk with the locals!

4. Gain access to more books, more movies, more music!

As you’ll improve in a foreign languages, you will discover new literature, new artists, new films. It can even help you get better in your target language!…


5. Improve your logic skills!

If you often read our blog, maybe you’ve heard about a recent study showing that people tend to think  more rationnaly in the languages they’re learning. Be bilingual , be smarter!

6. Develop a stronger will

Learning a foreign language is lifetime thing. If you want to improve, you've got to practice, always learn new vocabulary and never give up. It’s a strong lesson that will help you with other issues of your life,  like for example, if you want to quit smoking or go on a diet.

7. Know better about yourself

A Czech saying says : “as many languages you speak, as many times you’re a human being”. Yes you read well, you can be someone else everytime you’re learning a new language. To be fair it’s more about knowing better about yourself and all your personalities. But still, It’s really interesting

8. Make new friends!

By learning French, Spanish or German, your potential number of friends is always increasing. You can work with international people or speak with tourists and travelers . Possibilities are endless!

9. Get more freedom!

We wrote about this earlier in this blog but do you know that, according to a recent study, you could think more freely in a foreign language? We tend to be less influenced by our moral principles when we think  in pour second language, so one may argue that it could be a step forward free thinking !…

10. Meet our Language Ambassadors

If you want to learn a new language, you’ll get the opportunity, thanks to Speaking-agency,  to meet native speakers to take care of your childen or just teach you. What we offer is more than language lessons, it’s a human adventure!

Alors,  qu’attendez vous ?

Are you looking for a job opportunity in the language field?

Speaking-Agency offers more than 2000 English speaking jobs in Paris including student jobs in Paris as well as jobs for Americans such as babysitting and nanny jobs in Paris.


Why choose Speaking-Agency?

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