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Take English classes for beginners

There are a multitude of ways to learn English as a beginner. These include: reading the press in English, watching videos / films in VO subtitles, joining international groups on social networks, and many others. But one of the best ways and especially the fastest is the English course with a native teacher or bilingual.

Take English lessons for beginners, a great way to progress: Why?

The effectiveness of the beginner English course is that these courses are developed according to your level. In addition, practicing directly with a person in the flesh and much more challenging than practicing alone in front of a book. And even more effective if the teacher is of English origin or perfectly bilingual.


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Choose the English you want to learn

Want to learn business English? Choose professional beginner English courses! Speaking-Go has provided courses and professional English courses for this purpose. Develop your skills for a job interview for example and expand your resume.


How long does it take to learn English in private lessons?

As a beginner, it will take a few months if you start from scratch. On the other hand if you already have some bases you will need much less to speak a very correct English.

By setting goals with your teacher every week, you can measure your progress. You should be able to check your progress after a few months.

If you want to progress even faster, you can apply for intensive English classes and learn to speak English even more quickly.

Finally, do not hesitate to conduct regular online English tests to get an idea of your level and prepare for the TOEIC as soon as you are ready!

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