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How to learn Arabic in France

Spoken by over 400 million people, the importance of the Arabic language in the professional world has risen. That is why we now offer Arabic lessons that will allow you to start learning classical Arabic or to improve your level thanks to experienced bilingual or native Arabic-speaking teachers.


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Arabic lessons in Paris

You will be working with a native teacher on both your oral and written expression (with its graphic composition), through intensive private lessons. These immersive private lessons allow you to have direct contact with an Arabic instructor, which facilitates learning appropriate daily vocabulary, in order to feel comfortable in the target language.

Our Arabic teachers


The teachers have been selected amongst a great number of applicants, they are all from Arab origins and have teaching experience. Whatever the student's level, they encourage him/her to reach his/her goals and help to broaden his/her knowledge of the language and culture. The private dimension of these language lessons makes learning the language easier and encourages the student's participation without dreading making mistakes, which is not as easy in a classroom.  


Our pedagogy consists in avoiding the use of French , in order to guarantee total immersion for the student. The one-on-one sessions with an Arab instructor helps to break away from the academic aspect of learning by using a natural and useful approach. 


Pour nos services de cours en langues étrangères, nous employons des Speakers natifs ou bilingues selon votre besoin, recrutés sur un processus de sélection rigoureux, expérimentés en pédagogie, et formés à la sécurité et à l'acquisition des langues. Apprenez en plus.


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