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How to find a Russian teacher in France

Learning Russian is easier with a Russian-speaking instructor, and teaching is an art which cannot be improvised. That is why Mômji offers Russian lessons given by experienced native teachers.


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Our Russian lessons at home


After several years of political and economic difficulties, Russia resurfaces and strives to impose itself as a leading country on the international stage. In these conditions, learning Russian is considered a strategic choice.


Our Russian lessons at home have been designed to provide students of all ages with a simple and efficient means to learn Russian. We are convinced that the best way to learn Russian (and any other language) is to be immersed on a permanent basis. Don't we improve more easily in a foreign country ? We therefore offer Russian lessons with a Russian-speaking teacher who comes to your house and puts you in an immersive situation : it's as if you were in Russia as long as the lesson lasts ! 


This immersive approach allows people of all ages to start learning a language as a whole by insisting on oral comprehension and expression and on writing (Cyrillic alphabet for the Russian language etc.). 

Our Russian teachers


Teaching cannot be improvised, and that's why all of our teachers are experienced Russian-speaking teachers.


They know how to identify their students' gaps and correct them providing personal help.


They pass on their mother tongue language with passion and share as much as possible their culture of origin.  

Go Russian !

The specificity of our method relies on teaching Russian using as little French as possible, in spite of the language barrier.


Your Russian teacher accompanies you and it goes further than just academic aspects, he makes you live a 100% Russian moment.

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