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Shared childcare at home

Shared childcare offers many advantages for you, such as shared fees between two families, but also for your children, who share a daily life with other children and thus promote their socialization. Our Mômji nannies are selected from over 70,000 applications.


Since 2009, we have accompanied more than b on a daily basis! Our experienced nannies, trained in our pedagogy, awaken and develop your children's curiosity and adapt to each age of the children, even in the case of shared custody with different ages. We have the largest community of nannies in France that represents diversity in all its aspects.



Nounou garde partagée



At Mômji, we are convinced that differences are a strength and that they should be shared from an early age to create a bond and value.


Each moment of childcare is a unique moment of sharing between the children and their nanny, as testified by the parents of Valentine and Margaret, who trust Mômji for their shared childcare:



Margaret's parents and I met in our neighborhood and immediately wanted to arrange for a shared nanny for our daughters of almost the same age. We needed an experienced nanny who could take care of both children while adapting to each child's personality. The girls are looked after every day by Lila who shares with them real moments of complicity and fun. Every week she organizes a big educational and creative game around the different fruits and vegetables of the season, proposes regular outings and the icing on the cake, they prepare together great homemade snacks!


Did you know that? Our rates are adapted to the Mômji offer chosen: Bilingual or Creative Care and are degressive according to the number of hours you need.

With Mômji, you are choosing a certified agency that has chosen to pay its nannies more and our services are eligible for financial aid such as

1/ the CAF (PAJE) and the complement of free choice of the mode of guard (CMG), to check if you are eligible it is here:

2/ tax exemption or tax credit of 50% of the amount paid.

At Mômji, we have been working since 2009 to offer a different kind of childcare, enriching both for our nannies and for your children!  


Number 1 in home-based childcare, more than 5,000 children awaken their curiosity every week with a Mômji nanny. We offer different services: creative childcare and bilingual childcare, both available in shared custody.


Please note that Mômji does not offer to put you in touch with another family directly, but we would be happy to match you with the perfect nanny once we have found your co-family!  


Let's go on an adventure together and create the world of tomorrow!  



Shared childcare, a practical and advantageous method of care!

Enfants et nounou masque

A customized service:


Whatever the age of your child, you choose a home daycare that adapts to your availability, your work schedule, and your needs


You can ask us for a shared childcare from Monday to Friday after school, but also for Wednesday afternoon, or even during school vacations


Make the choice of serenity, for them as for you: 


Having your child looked after at home instead of opting for the crèche or the study, is a good way to save time and stress, while promoting their socialization!

Cost effective:


If you share the care, you also divide the cost in two


Good news: both families can still benefit from a tax exemption of 50% and receive the CAF's aid within the framework of the Prestation d'Accueil du Jeune Enfant (PAJE), and benefit from a significant reduction in the cost of care.


To be eligible, you must meet the criteria listed below:

- your child must be under 6 years old,

- your minimum claim must be 16 hours per month,

- have a minimum professional activity (748,24 € for a salaried couple or 374,12 € for a single parent)

- be up to date with your old age insurance contributions for non-salaried workers,

- Finally, you must not use the services of another approved company.


Do not hesitate to use this simulator to find out to what extent you can benefit from this aid.


Mômji is a service provider and agent company that has been recognized and approved by the State. You can therefore benefit from a reduction or a tax credit of 50% of the amount paid. This aid is granted to each tax household up to a ceiling of between 12,000 and 15,000 euros per year, depending on your family situation (art. 199 sexdecies of the General Tax Code).

How are Mômji nannies recruited for shared childcare?  


fillette, nounou, heureuses, garde d'enfants, garde partagée



We choose your Mômji nanny from among 70,000 applications from all over the world every year!  


Often, they are foreign or French students, and we check several precise criteria during their recruitment, notably:


- their language level: if they apply to work with us for bilingual childcare, we make sure during the interview that they have a perfect command of the chosen language. 


- their experience and skills to ensure the safety of your children: our nannies all have one or more years of experience in childcare, and we check their safety reflexes through various simulations


- Their ability to share and transmit: we want to make childcare a special moment in the day, for our nannies as well as for your children. For this reason, our nannies are questioned about their motivation as well as their interests, then trained in our unique pedagogy, developed with the CNRS.


You then send us your criteria, by choosing the language in which you want to carry out the childcare, but you can also indicate a preference concerning his or her personality: an artistic profile that will awaken the sensitivity of your budding artist, or a sportsman or woman who will be able to channel his or her energy?


After having established their profile according to their availability and their personality, we propose you a first contact by video call to evaluate if he or she can correspond to your expectations, to you and to your co-family. 


If you validate his or her profile, the services can start very quickly, as soon as the dates are fixed. 95% of our families validate the proposed profile following this first contact!


During our services, we are the employer of your nanny: we therefore take care of all the administrative part independently.


Mômji's shared childcare offers:  


Parce que chaque enfant est différent, nous proposons trois modes de garde, pour leur offrir un moment unique et épanouissant, adapté à chacun : 


Because each child is different, we offer three types of childcare, to give them a unique and fulfilling moment, adapted to each one: 


- Creative Mômji childcare, to stimulate their creativity and develop their imagination: trained in our unique and creative pedagogy, your Mômji nanny stimulates their curiosity day after day, and helps them to assert themselves thanks to moments of sharing and playful activities! She helps them discover their personality and acquire their first skills, while ensuring their well-being. 


- Mômji's bilingual care, in the language of your choice:  


1) in Initiation childcare: on a daily basis, your Mômji nanny teaches your child English step by step, during moments of play and sharing: a few words of vocabulary thanks to a song, a few rules of conjugation during a meal, the learning of the language is done in a natural and playful way. 


2) in Immersion: 100% foreign language childcare! This formula allows the child to be totally immersed in the language and to practice it on a regular basis, thus opening up the world to the child.


Garde partagée avec deux enfants

Finally, the entire Mômji team remains at your disposal to answer your questions during the entire duration of the services: we can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm and on Saturday from 10am to 1pm at, and by email at


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Have your child accompanied during the highlights of the day or week! Choose between different formulas: you can opt for a full-time nanny, or only at the end of the school day, for a daycare pick up, for a Wednesday care, or choose a shared care. You can also consolidate your child's language level by opting for a language course at home during the school vacations!