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I am looking for a bilingual nanny

Looking for an german nanny ? Discover our bilingual chilcare !

Founded in 2009 by Antoine and Julien, Mômji is the number one childcare provider in France! Our goal? To build the world of tomorrow, more open and more inspiring! To do this, we want to make childcare an enriching experience for both your children and our nannies.

Always listening to your children, our nannies are ready to share their passions and trained to stimulate the creativity of children to make childcare a privileged moment within the day.

For a service adapted to the needs of each family, we offer several childcare services: creative childcare in French, inspired by active pedagogies and bilingual childcare, which can be done in the language of your choice!

Number 1 in home-based childcare, more than 5,000 children experience languages with us every week!

We offer two types of bilingual childcare in German:

- Bilingual childcare in initation: your German nanny teaches step by step the German language to your child. While keeping the usual childcare tasks (school outings, homework help), she uses the highlights of the day (meals, playtime, etc.) or by organizing activities (songs, painting, stories told in English, creative activities, etc.) to teach them German. 


-Bilingual childcare in Immersion: a daycare 100% in German! From the beginning to the end of the daycare, your German babysitter speaks German, to ensure your child has regular practice of the language and opens him or her up to the world from now on.


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Mômji's guarantees :

- Proximity: our team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm at 01 83 95 41 74.

- Financial aids: Mômji is a state-approved agency: in addition to being a guarantee of quality and professionalism, this approval guarantees you a tax credit of 50% of the amount paid. You can also benefit from the PAJE allowance, paid by the CAF, and obtain a significant reduction in the cost of childcare. 
To find out more about the assistance available to you, you can consult this page.

- Flexibility: whatever their age, you can have your children looked after at home, without stress or loss of time.

- Quality: we recruit our German nannies among over 50,000 candidates per year. During the interviews, we select pedagogical, responsible and bilingual profiles motivated by the desire to transmit and share. 
We also check their ability to ensure the safety of your children through various simulations: they must have at least one successful experience in babysitting.

- Simplicity: Mômji is your nanny's employer : we take care of all the administrative part.


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Did you know ? 

With 145 millions of native speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union.

Germany is known for its lively cultural life: it is notably the cradle of the Romantic artistic style, to which masterpieces such as Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Guiding the People and Theodore Guéricault's famous Raft of the Medusa belong.

In terms of music, it is the birthplace of some of the world's greatest classical composers: Schubert, Bach, Beethoven ... all were German! 

Germany is also known for its culinary specialties such as Currywurst, a sausage traditionally served with a curry sauce, but also sauerkraut, pretzels ... and the very famous local beer !

But it is also the richest country in Europe, and has excellent diplomatic relations with France: many German companies are located in France and vice versa! For this reason, mastering Goethe's language can be a real asset in professional life. 

Ready to join the adventure? 
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Choose between different offers: you can opt for a full-time nanny, or after school pick-upnursery pick-up, only on Wednesdays, or choose a shared childcare. They can also strengthen their language level by choosing a language course at home during the school holidays!



Have a look at all our jobs in German! We also have au pair jobs in Paris and English jobs in Paris France.




We offer different packages all over France, right near you! Don't hesitate to consult our nanny offers available in your city. Find your nanny in ParisLyon, ToulouseBordeauxMarseilleLilleNantesRennes, StrasbourgMontpellier...