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Learn French at your own pace with French à La Carte

If standardized French lessons do not correspond to your learning style, you should try French à La Carte personalized and flexible approach.


Whether you are in Paris for a short stay, building a new life in France, or are based anywhere around the world, French à la Carte provides tailor-made private French lessons online and in person to match your specific linguistic goals.


French à la carte student with teacher learning French

Why choose one on one French lessons?


The main difference between a group lesson and private tutoring is the interaction with your tutor. You are constantly challenged on your speaking skills and have more opportunities to express yourself. 

Spoken French is a key point for French à la Carte. From ordering food in a restaurant for beginners to being able to converse about different topics of your interest for more advanced levels, conversational French is a priority.



Lessons based on conversational & practical French 


french à la carte student learning with her native French tutor

French à La Carte flexible French lessons deliver a pragmatic teaching approach based on your linguistic needs. For beginners in French (Level A1), intermediate students (A2/B1) or advanced students (B2/ C1), we personalize our teaching approach to meet your goals.


•    French lessons for all levels to feel comfortable in your daily life in Paris
•    French on specific purposes (job interviews etc)
•    Conversational French (to practice your speaking skills around themes that interest you)
•    Preparation for exams and diplomas (including DELF, DALF, TCF)
•    Our standard format of lesson is 1 hour online - 1.5 or 2 hours in person (more on a more intensive basis)
•    Lessons once a week, twice a week (more if you wish)
•    From a single lesson to a more intensive programme, we offer a wide range of formats


Flexibility is a key point and our native French tutors can teach 7 days a week, from 8.00am to 9.30pm



Learn French while being immersed in vibrant Paris! 


french à la carte students


Learning French in context is a fantastic way to embark upon a unique experience in Paris and practice your comprehension & speaking skills on topics that interest you. 


Feeling confortable in Paris requires some good understanding of the Parisian environment. 


With our immersive French lessons for Paris lovers you will not only be immersed in vibrant Paris through inspiring private tours in easy French but also improve your comprehension your conversational French and enrich your vocabulary. If your French is not perfect yet, do not worry, we always adjust to your current level in French. 


At French à la Carte, learning the language in a supportive atmosphere is one of our core values. We believe that learning a new language should be an engaging, rewarding, and life-enriching experience.

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