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The 10 Best Jobs in France for English Speakers

Are you coming to France and want to find a job? But… you don’t speak French (very well)? Well, you are not alone! This is a situation that a lot of foreigners are in, and we are here to help as much as we can. We have done our research and listed the 10 best jobs to do in France when your French language level still needs some perfectioning… or when you don’t speak French at all! Mômji also offers many English speaking jobs, find out more about us.



#10: Companies recruiting bilingual or English profiles

It might surprise you how many job offers are being published specifically for English natives or bilingual people. Especially big companies, more specifically ones who operate internationally, are interested in this. You can look for English job offers in any sector: communication, administration, trade, banking, IT, tourism, etc… There might even be job offers from a company from your own country represented in France! You can explore the options on recruitment websites, like for example Indeed.

#9: Ski instructor

For this job it is actually not important at all how well you control a language, but… the more important it is that you control the ski slopes. Being a ski instructor is a very popular job for foreigners and especially for young and adventurous people, just be aware of the fact that it is a seasonal job! If you can’t ski or snowboard, think about the numerous other job offers in ski places in for example hospitality. Find ski and other seasonal jobs here.



#8: Freelance writing/editing

Working as freelance writer or editor could be very interesting for you if you are looking for a job that allows you to not having to leave your house. In France, it is relatively easy to become an auto-entrepreneur and also, there are a lot of companies that can hire you to edit or write for them so they can share their content with the rest of the world. In some cases you don’t even need writing experience, but of course this job does require excellent skills in the English language. Don't wait any longer and start to apply now for english writing/editing jobs.

#7: Estate agent

In France, there are many British estate agencies present because of the popularity of French property amongst Brits. One of the biggest estate agents in France ‘’Leggett Immobilier’’ for example, is a British company. These kind of agencies operate most of the time in English and French and are therefore also have offers for English-speaking agents.

#6: Housekeeping

Rich English speaking families in France (mostly in the south of France or chique areas in Paris for example) like to have an English help for in the house or on their yacht. These kind of jobs can be perfect if you are looking for a summer job for example! This website with housekeeping offers in france might help you find one.

#5: Translator

A pretty obvious one, is becoming a translator. To do this job in France you need to have some knowledge of French, but don’t have to be fluent. With a little help from translation systems and fluency in English you will be fine. There are companies that offer translation jobs, but you can also choose to work as freelance translator. Find out many translator jobs opportunities now!

#4: English teacher

To continue on language jobs, you can also just learn the English language to French people of course. This job is a very popular one amongst expats, and we understand why. There are a lot of opportunities and places to teach English, for example in universities, in private classes, in companies, etc… Mômji offers a lot of great language teaching jobs for internationals.

#3: Tour guide

If you like to lead a group, have passion for history and facts, and are a good speaker: becoming a tour guide sounds like the ideal job for you! Tourists most of the time don’t speak French, and therefore, they are in need of a good English speaking guide. You have the opportunity to work for a certified agency, but you could also use your own knowledge and start working as an independent tour guide. Although, you have to keep in mind that it’s not always that easy to lead a bunch of Tourists around the Louvre… We have a great website for you if you are looking for tour guide jobs in Paris!


tour guide

#2: Bartender

A very good way to start working in France and be able to pick up some French along the way, is becoming a bartender. You start with the basics (just learn the names of some French drinks), and the rest will follow by hearing the French language all around you all the time. For the clients, it might even help them to learn English by talking to you. Win-win! Check this website for all bartender offers available throughout France.

#1: Babysitter

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs in France you don’t necessarily need French language skills for. Some families are looking for full English-speaking babysitters, but others like to mix it up and exchange language knowledge by hiring a bilingual nanny. This can actually help both you and the kids to learn each others language, and when the kids are young they learn very fast, plus they are honest which means they don’t have problems correcting you! Babysitting is also a pretty flexible job, which makes it possible to do it on the side next to studies or another job you might have.

Mômji has a great offer of babysitting jobs in France.


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