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Covid measures





What are the measures implemented to ensure peace of mind during childcare in the context of COVID-19 ?



The health and security of families using our services and of our childcare professionals are at the heart of our concerns.  


To limit the spread of the Coronavirus, Mômji has implemented a sanitary protocol for all of our babysitters and language teachers, from the first meeting to the start of the childcare services.


Concerning the first exchange, favor a meeting via visio conference if possible.







We also invite family members and our childcare professionals to cancel ongoing sessions if you have signs of fever, coughing, loss of your sense of smell or taste, muscular aches, and/or unusual headaches. We recommend to our nannies to get tested in case of symptoms.








Clothing and masks 


We do not impose a specific work attire, but it is imperative to change your clothing every day.  


in regards to wearing a mask, the French government considers that it is no longer mandatory, except if the nanny or the children are considered as vulnerable. 






When possible, walking and biking are the modes of transportation to favor when going to the family’s home.  


Avoid touching ramps, boutons, use stairs.







During the session


Our nannies are trained in preventive measures. Upon arrival at the family's house, they are asked to immediately wash their hands or use an hydroalcoholic solution.


We also regularly ask them to repeat the operation, notably

- in the morning before any contact with the children 

- after any contact with a parent

- before any contact with food and before and after each meal

- before and after accompanying a child to the bathroom

- Finally, our nannies are advised, with your agreement, to air the rooms regularly and to clean/disinfect as much as possible 


We have elaborated a complete guide of sanitary measures to be implemented during childcare, available on your personal space as well as your nanny's. And we make them aware of preventive measures, in line with government communications: