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Mômji supports you during lockdown



Childcare, a primary neccesity



Childcare, in all its forms, is considered by the government to be a fundamental service to enable everyone to maintain their professional activity.


Therefore, all our employees have the right to work and to move throughout the city at any time: for picking up children from school / nursery and looking after them at the at the residence of the families. 



Working in complete safety



As a reminder, since March 2020, we have developed a Covid protocol for all our childcare professionals.


Rigorously apply the sanitary measures  that are indicated  in this document. Doing so will guarantee your safety during your work hours as well as the safety of the families you are working with.  



Should I wear a mask? What about the children?



We have received several questions from parents and babysitters about wearing a mask.

More information in this article.



Some tips if you are looking after children during lockdown





During this lockdown, children will be able to attend school. On the other hand,  they will be  spending a lot of time indoors. The opportunity for you to make them aware of hygiene rules, and to share with them fun and adapted activity ideas.


Explaining to them the reasons related to this lockdown


If they have any questions, do not hesitate to talk about the health situation and explain what the coronavirus is: something very small, invisible to the naked eye, which very much enjoys traveling from one person to another and causes disease.
This video might help you  😊


Establish rules and a schedule


Organization and elaborating a schedule are very important on a daily basis to set a reassuring framework with the children and the family.

How about writing down the rules together and hanging them all over the house?

• Clearly establish a time for creative activities, homework, learning or practicing languages,
• Explain that it is forbidden to disturb mom and dad when they are working (if they are working from home) , except for an emergency,
• Encourage them to participate in certain tasks in the house adapted to their age: tidying up their room, helping to set the table, etc.
• ETC 😊



Help children keep in touch with their grandparents




In this context, the long-term separation between the little ones and Grandpa and Grandma can be painful, for both of them.

If the parents don't have time, you can offer to schedule Skype or Zoom meetings with the grandparents.


Keep on learning languages


If your role is to teach a language to kids on a daily basis, it is important to maintain this learning process during lockdown. You can therefore offer the following activities.



Set up a choreography to put on a show


A good way to let off some steam 😊

In addition, you can prepare a choreography with them, in both French and English, with a song they like, to prepare a show for their parents.

This activity encourages them to work in groups, stimulates their memory and their imagination.

English songs

A good way to occupy their free time. Plus, it's an activity they can share with their family when you're not around.
Can be done in both French and English 😊


Discover our list of songs in English









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