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Christmas classic to watch again and again

Christmas is here! In December, it’s plaid and coffee time. If this month is associated with gifts and good meals, it’s also a great moment to watch films. Action, comedy, love… Let’s see some classic Christmas movies, you have to watch!


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It’s been a couple weeks since Christmas series and movies are back on our screens. Every year, there are new stories about Christmas magic, lost villages, unexpected love, prince and princess from imaginary worlds, people who have lost faith and have found it back in a toy store. 


But, even if we love to discover new movies, it’s still great to rewatch Christmas classics. Those that remind us of the previous Christmas, just from the opening. We’ve prepared for you a small list of movies that are still excellent, despite their age. 


It's a wonderful life



A classic through and through, “It’s a Wonderful Life” by Frank Capra is a must-see in a lot of countries. Did you know that it's the most broadcasted movie in the USA during Christmas break? There’s nothing more uniting than a story of solidarity to keep faith in humanity before the new year. 



Love actually



Released in 2003, Love actually instantly became THE romantic movie of Christmas. Is there anyone who has not been touched by the declaration of love with the cardboard signs? Anyone who hasn’t laughed when Hugh Grant started to dance, nearly naked, at 10 Downing street? Anyone who wanted to comfort Emma Thompson when she opened up her gifts on the morning of December 25th? Love actually is a must-see.. with a box of tissue close to you. 



Die hard



You better not believe that Christmas movies are dedicated to love and romanticism. The 1st opus of Die Hard is the perfect counter-example. This movie, taking place the day before Christmas, is a classic of the end of the year festivities. While Bruce Willis is saving the world (once again), we can appreciate the action and the humor of the speeches. 



The Grinch 



This famous children's story written by Dr Seuss has been successfully adapted to the big screen in 2000. The movie has received such success that it is current now to call someone that doesn’t love Christmas, a Grinch (yes, those people exist). For those who love Christmas movies, it’s impossible to hate this little green guy. He’s touching and way more sympathetic than he looks!



Mickey’s Christmas Carol



A list of Christmas classic movies couldn’t be complete without a Disney picture film. This one is an adaptation of Dickens’ tale, A Christmas Carol. Because of yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s ghosts, the bad Scrooge will need to find his Christmas spirit back if he doesn’t want to be alone. Well, when we say alone… not really. We let you discover this story again!



Home Alone



Every child that has seen this movie, has wanted to be forgotten, alone at home, to see if they could defeat two thieves on their own. Many jokes, genius traps… Kevin is the child we want by our side if we are in trouble. 



Le père Noël est une ordure



Here is a movie that’s 100% French that (almost) everyone born before the 2000's knows entirely. By the way, if you are a foreigner, you have to see this “very french” movie to understand how French culture works. And if you don’t understand it, just laugh! If your name is Thérèse, Felix or Pierre, we’re sorry if everyone kept reciting the lines to you when you were young. In this movie, there is a Santa, a Christmas log (more or less) and gifts so we guess it’s a perfect Christmas film. 






We know what you are thinking: Sissi is not happening during Christmas. There’s no snow, no Christmas tree, no Santa… . In this movie of the 50’s, the theme seems more like dresses and Vienna waltzes. Nevertheless, in France, Christmas is the only moment when this movie is broadcasted! So if Sissi is on your TV: Christmas is close. And just for that, it deserves to be in our list!



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Christmas classic to watch again and again

Christmas is here! In December, it’s plaid and…