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The free app you need for a smooth move to France

Are you a foreigner and have just moved to France? You are facing one million problems. There’s so much information to decipher on the internet : welcome to the French administrative jungle! But no worries, Spiky Community is here to help you since September 2022!



Spiky Community, a free application designed to make the reception and inclusion of foreigners in France easier



Spiky Community aims to be a digital gateway that facilitates access to key information to settle and live in France easily. How ?

  • By gathering, categorizing, summarizing and translating the essential information for moving to France.
  • By referencing local associations and organizations and their information.


Spiky also negotiates deals and discounts for its users: -50% on teleconsultation with multilingual psychologists, telephone packages offers...


And all this, in a single free and multilingual application.



An application that supports you at every stage of your life in France



Spiky Community wishes to support all foreign people (students, expats, etc.), at each stage of their life or stay in France.



To prepare the arrival



How to grasp the French health system? Which bank or insurance to choose? Where to find a accredited translator? Am I allowed to drive in France? Spiky helps you in your mandatory procedures as soon as you arrive in France.





To succeed in your move



How to find accommodation? A guarantor? Where to look for a job (Baby Sitting for example) or an internship? How to improve your level of French? Once the mandatory procedures have been completed, Spiky informs you about the different ways of finding accommodation, the solutions for learning French… and so much more! Why? To succeed in your move!


move in France



To feel at home



How to get around the city? Where to go out? Where to do sports? What are the next intercultural events? Which associations can help me? It is very difficult to live away from home. That's why Spiky wants to give you all the useful information and tips to feel at home in your new city! For now, this information is available for the cities of Lyon, Paris, Lille and Marseille.


feel at home



The application is available on iOS and Android, in English, French and Spanish.


You can download the app for free here: 



And to follow Spiky on social networks:
Instagram :
Website : 
Facebook : 

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