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Other events turning 10-years-old with Mômji in 2019

It is 10 years ago this year that Mômji was founded. Back in 2009 Antoine Gentil and Julien Viaud started the journey to help young children learn English and now their ideas have reached thousands of people.

After a decade of gifting children with languages, 2019 is time to celebrate the 10 years that Mômji has enjoyed. In this article, we look at 10 other things that also happened in 2009!



Barack Obama becomes President of the United States



It was 10 years ago this month that Barack Obama first became President of the United States. The Democrat would go on to stay in power for a second term, sitting in the White House until Donald Trump was sworn in on January 20th 2017.

Roger Federer triumphs at Roland Garros

Roland Garros

After four consecutive runs to the final, Roger Federer finally triumphed at the French Open. The only Grand Slam he still hadn’t won, the Swiss tennis champ saw off competition from Robin Söderling to claim the title.

The Hudson River Landing


One of the most remarkable achievements of the 21st century came in 2009 as Chesley Sullenberger landed US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in Manhattan after being struck by geese on take-off. The extraordinary moment would later be turned into a film, ‘Sully’, starring Tom Hanks.

Justin Bieber breaks through with ‘One Time’


He may be one of the biggest celebrities on the planet now but 10 years ago, it was a baby-faced Bieber that was taking his first steps in the music industry. He released his first hugely successful single ‘One Time’ back in 2009.

James Cameron’s blockbuster ‘Avatar’ was released


Film in 2009 was hugely marked by James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’. The sci-fi hit pulled in hundreds of millions of dollars across the world, the large blue aliens finding away into the people’s hearts.

Looks like quite a few other exciting moments happened in our birth year! How about celebrating our decade of work with us by experiencing what Mômji has to offer? Whether you’re a babysitter looking to work with a bustling agency or a family looking for a foreign-speaking sitter, we’ve got you covered. Apply here and find your babysitter here.

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