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Working under the table in France – risks and solutions

Recent studies show in fact that illegal labour represent more than 10.8% of the French GDP (gross domestic product) but the consequences are quite dreadful. Indeed, some important penalties apply in France and in Europe and they don’t only concern the companies and the CEOs; the undeclared employees are all in the same boat.


Working under the table means that your work is not declared to the national labour authority (Ministère du Travail). Therefore, as well as not having an employment contract, your employer is not paying your social contributions, which usually leads to employment abuse, and lower wages. Your employer is probably taking advantage of your vulnerability, as you might also not have a valid visa, to give you the worse working conditions you could have ever wished for.


You may think that working illegally makes you earn money faster and more easily but the fact your employer is not paying your social contributions implies that your social rights are taken away. You won’t have unemployment or retirement rights as you won’t be paying into unemployment and pension insurance funds. If you’re knowingly working under the table, you expose yourself to disciplinary sanctions.

As an employer, the risks at stake are even higher because by hiring a foreigner in France who doesn’t have a valid visa or without declaring him, your liability may be incurred, as this is a fraud. You might even have to pay a penalty fee.


Why go through so much trouble when you could find a perfect job that fits with your timetable and that truly rewards you for your efforts? If you’re living in France and English is your mother tongue, there are many offers on the labour market that could suit you perfectly. For instance, if you have a valid visa, Mômji is looking for people like you!


By applying to Mômji’s offers, you will not only benefit from a great hourly wage (from 9 to 10 euros per hour); you will also be granted health insurance, get reimbursed for your transportation fees and get to take a free training session to improve your childcare skills.


A great advantage of working with us in France is that we will find you a French family to work with, and adapt your working hours to your own schedule. Also, by taking care of French children or giving classes to French teenagers or adults, you will be completely immersed in the French culture. As you’ll be hired by an agency, you won’t have to worry about not being paid, as you will get your wage monthly, directly on your bank account. Moreover, in the case of an issue with the family you work with, Mômji will help you resolve it or will find you another family. To get to know more about the advantages of going through an agency to find a job, read this article.


Therefore, working under the table stops being that attractive when you understand all the risks and consequences of your actions and besides, it’s really easy to get a good decent job with Mômji. Moreover, you can earn up to 600 euros per month by working between 5 to 40 hours a week!

Besides, at Mômji, we also offer jobs in several companies in a wide range of sectors: Retail, Translation, Customer service, Tourism sector, Marketing, HR, Management etc.




Don’t wait anymore and apply now to our job offers!

There are just a few requirements in order to apply:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.

  • If you are coming to France from outside the European Union, you should also have a valid Visa.

  • Any type of previous experience with childcare is necessary. However, no knowledge of French is required.

Submit your application now for our nanny jobs in Paris or teaching jobs positions.




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