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Jobs for Filipinos in France

Filipinos who are looking for a job in France will now have an easier time fulfilling their goal. The new labor migration policy in France makes it easier for overseas Filipino workers to find an employment here. Are you from the Philippines and are you looking for an English-speaking job in France? We have listed some jobs that might be suited perfectly for you!






Working in a hotel

As a foreigner, there are good opportunities to work in hospitality in France: for example in hotels. If you are looking for a hotel job in Paris, you should check out this website where you can apply filters to find the perfect job for you. You can find jobs varying from waiter, kitchen staff, to bartender.

Working in a restaurant

The same counts for restaurant jobs! Although it might not be the easiest to find, there definitely are restaurants that don’t mind if you speak French, as long as you have a good level of English. You might have the best chance to succeed in popular touristic spots, like McDonalds, Prêt à Manger or other chains.


Mômji offers jobs for all nationalities. We offer Nanny jobs, nationwide. There is no knowledge in French required, and you can babysit in your own language or (if your English is proficient) in English!

Language teaching

Not only do we offer babysitting job, but also language teaching. You have the opportunity to work as a language teacher at people’s homes, or in schools in France!


With working for Mômji, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  •  Access to negotiated deals (housing, bank, insurance, language courses, parties...)
  •  Free French & English classes in Paris
  •  Join a friendly international community
  •  Refer a friend: win 100€, per friend recruited






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