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British jobs in Paris

It’s not easy to arrive in a country and find a job when you don’t speak the local language. Knowing the language is usually a prerequisite for any kind of job. However, this article is written to show you that there are many job opportunities for you British people who come to France with the desire of working. Learn more about our jobs for foreigners in Paris!

Here are a few ideas of British jobs in Paris :


English-speaking nanny


If you are a student and are looking for a part-time job, there is a huge deal of job offers as nannies or language teachers in Paris as many French families want their children to start learning English at an early age.

You are expected to play games, maybe sing songs and go to the park with the children you are taking care of and all of this in English.


It’s not complicated, usually your working hours are from 4pm to 7pm pm on weekdays and perhaps all afternoon on Wednesdays as French children don’t go to school on Wednesday afternoons.


It’s also a great way of knowing the French culture and the French way of thinking. Being a bilingual nanny can also be interesting for you if you already have a part-time job and find yourself available in the afternoon and evening.


For instance, with Mômji, the childcare job consists in after-school English training with children aged from 3 to 10 years old.

Even if previous baby-sitting and teaching experiences are required, Mômji also provides you with a free training session, as well as a large data base of tutorials on our website that will help you refine your skills.

English teacher

Do you speak English ?

If you’d rather give classes, there’s also a possibility for you to become an English teacher to children, teenagers or adults depending on whom you feel more comfortable with.


A lot of French people are looking for good private English teachers to help them reach their goals, whether it is to enter a bilingual school, a business school or even improve their level in English to get a better job.


Discover our teaching jobs in Paris France !


A job British people do not usually think of when they are in France is to work as a translator or to write articles in English. If your level in French is intermediate or advanced, a great way of getting started in Paris is to offer translation services to companies, museums or schools.


You can also write articles about your perception of the Parisian lifestyle or anything you are interested in and send them to newspapers or magazines. Writing and translating usually are very interesting businesses as they allow you to work independently and manage your working hours as it suits you better.

Read more about translation jobs in France.



Retails and Tourism 

You can also work as a retail agent or in a tourism agency as bilingual people are not very easy to find among French people and Paris is full of tourists all year long who have no clue of French.


Mômji has over 1,000 job opportunities for English speakers in Paris and in France every year.


Find information about retail and fashion jobs in Paris


At Mômji, we have developed partnerships with companies and we now offer many jobs in a wide range of sectors: Retail, Translation, Customer service, Tourism sector, Marketing, HR, Management etc. By applying and working with us you will be able to share your passion of your language and you will join a worldwide community in Paris (events, orientation days, Facebook…) in order to facilitate your integration.




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