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Become a nanny at Mômji!

Enfant et retraitée


Are you wondering what the best job is after retirement? You are a young retiree and wish to use your experience in childcare with a part-time job adapted to your situation?

Join the Mômji adventure!





Families are looking for people with experience!


You may be a parent, a grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, and you have always loved taking care of children. If you are not ready for retirement just yet, gardening isn't something you want to do every day and wish to have the opportunity to shape the future generations with your wisdom and skills, become a nanny at Mômji!


Your profile is in high demand with our families looking for childcare or language courses with experts in their target language. Turn your passions or hobbies into a new job with many perks and benefits!


Our job offers adapted to your daily life


With Mômji, you determine the hours and the days during when you wish to work from 4h to 39h per week, it's up to you!


For more comfort, you also determine where you want to work in order to stay close to your home, avoid hours of transportation and take advantage of childcare moments while preserving your balance.


For more comfort, you also choose the city where you want to work and the type of family you work for: number of children and ages!


Benefit from the advantages of the Mômji employee community


You join us as a Mômji employee, each month you simply receive your salary by bank transfer, you benefit from a mutual insurance, can attend free French or English classes in our offices in Paris, and have access to our amazing educational workshops.


You also have the possibility to have your CAP Petite enfance financed if you wish to obtain an official diploma in childcare. It is never too late to start learning something new and reinvent yourself:  this is the occasion to dabble or dive into a second career and to receive a certification for your new skills!


When working with Mômji, you have access to a workplace like you've enver known before! Everything is done so that retirees have the best time with the children and teach them everything they know. Take advantage of the individual coaching on demand as well as discounts and good plans negotiated with banks, housing solutions, amusement parks, ticket offices and many more.