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2,500 Jobs available!

2,500 English speaking jobs in Paris and France every year

Mômji is the leading French Agency in bilingual child-minding services and in foreign language teaching. Our teaching method is based on a total immersion method, with fun and interactive activities. Every year, we recruit hundreds of bilingual and native teachers for our English speaking jobs in Paris for foreigners.






Mômji : your next English speaking job in Paris!

English language

Mômji is the winner of the 2009 European Innovative Company Award. Here at Mômji, we are leaders in bilingual childcare and in teaching foreign languages in Paris.


To fill our thousands of positions every year, we are recruiting those who are looking for an English speaking job in Paris, France. Candidates should either be a native speaker or bilingual in English.


We are located in different cities around France, including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes and Toulouse.

If you like languages and sharing your culture, this English-speaking job in Paris is perfect for you!


As Teachers, with some experience, you will be in charge of teaching English to children, young people and adults. Adapting yourself to each student will be key, as you will be free to use our teaching resources, as well as your own ideas and materials.


We have two types of English speaking jobs in Paris and in France.


As a Nanny, while babysitting children after school, on Wednesdays or during the holidays, you will be expected to chat, play, sing and interact with them in English, using resources from our activity tool case.

All you need to be aware of are our requirements:

  •  be at least 18
  •  have some experience in child-minding AND/OR teaching (formal or informal)
  •  be a European citizen or possess an adequate visa to work in France
  •  no specific qualification or minimum French language level required



Recruitment agency in Paris for English speakers

Our agency is based in Paris and we offer jobs all around France. September is a very busy period for us and our recruitment process is really fast:


Once you have applied online, our HR expert calls you back to check a few criteria and settle an interview to make sure that:


  •  You have the right to work in France,
  •  You have experience in childcare or teaching,
  •  Your degrees,
  •  Your availabilities,
  •  And your motivation.


What are the advantages of working for our agency in Paris for English speakers? 

  •  Babysitting and teaching jobs in Paris with Flexible hours according to your calendar,
  •  English-speaking Jobs close to your home,
  •  Good wages : between 11,16 and 14 € per hour, + Reimbursement for public transportation,
  •  Our recruitment agency in Paris negociate discounts with our partners,
  •  Join our  Events for English-speakers in Paris, to meet our international community  ;)



How can I get a babysitting or a teaching job at Mômji in Paris?


What is the first process of the recruitment in your agency?

Are you an English speaking person looking for a Job in Paris? Do you have an experience in babysitting or teaching a foreign language? We might have some very interesting and available jobs for you close to your home!


The first step is to apply through our online form.


And then?

After you filled out the form, a person from our recruitment team should call you back to have a first phone interview.

The goals of this phone interview are:

  •  to evaluate your level in the chosen foreign language,
  •  to talk about your previous experiences as a nanny or a teacher.


And after the phone interview?

If we like your profile during the phone interview, you will have a face-to-face interview in our office.


During this interview, we will ask you about

  •  your motivations,
  •  your level in the chosen language,
  •  your behavior while facing babysitting situations,
  •  and what activities would you propose for children.

If you want to prepare your interview for a babysitting or e teaching job in paris, feel free to read our article.


Once you are hired, Go to your online space to ckeck available Job offers close to your home in Paris!




Our Job opportunities in Paris area

We have hundreds of Job opportunities in Paris just waiting for you! Chek out our list here!




French families are looking for English-speaking babysitters


If you are an English speaker looking for the kind of job suitable for yourself in Paris, then we’d love to hear from you! Mômji offers thousands of part-time teaching and babysitting jobs that are paid, with flexible hours and close to your home. 




English-speaking jobs in Paris for language teachers


Hundreds and hundreds of English speakers in Paris find jobs as teachers and pass on their language skills. Having past experience or a qualification such as TEFL will help you towards the better teaching posts. However, simple teaching jobs are accessible to all



Come and join the community of hundreds of teachers in Paris

Logo Talent

When you start working with Mômji you don’t just join a team, but a whole community.


That’s why we have put in place a number of things to help you settle into your job, including training, induction days and social events (bar gathering, wine and cheese parties, after work party).


On top of all of that, we offer advantages such as free weekly French courses.




Why choose Mômji?

  • A job near you
  • A regular income
  • Flexible hours
  • A secure contract
  • Pedagogical support
  • Win 100€ for each referral