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Fashion & Retail jobs in Paris and around France

Find out about our in-store retailer job opportunities available throughout Paris and other main cities of France



Work as a salesperson in the greatest stores in Paris and France 


Looking for a job in Paris or in another one of the major cities of France? Can you speak foreign languages? Are you interested in retail jobs in the greatest stores of Paris? Mômji is hiring foreign-language speaking sales assistants. We offer hundreds of English speaking jobs in Paris! This job would involve working with the greatest Parisian fashion brands, in the most emblematic places in Paris, with international and multilingual customers.


Retail and fashion jobs with the greatest Parisian brands


Mômji is offering multilingual retail positions in some of the most chic shops of the capital of love, Paris. You could become part of the most glamorous luxury fashion brands in Paris. Do you have sense of fashion, great communication and experience in retail jobs? Become a representative and ambassador of some of the greatest Parisian brands!


A flexible schedule and diverse missions would perfectly fit the needs of a student looking for a part-time retail job, short or long term. Join a young and dynamic team within the greatest stores in Paris!


Work with international customers in Paris


As a multilingual-speaking salesperson in the most touristic spots in the glamorous city of Paris and France, you would be working with international customers. Can you speak several languages and do you have good communication skills? Mômji is hiring English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, etc, speakers.


Represent Parisian lifestyle as a salesperson and ambassador in the greatest stores and brands in an international environment!




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