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Jobs for Americans in Paris : 7 reasons to work as a teacher or babysitter in France !

You're an American and looking for a Job in Paris France? Then look no further! Like yourself over 2 million people from the US visit France every year! Some, to experience the sites and lap up the culture, others in pursuit of a new lifestyle. With over 2500 job opportunities in Paris for English speakers Mômji is one of the leading employer for the American community. Find out why our teaching and babysitting positions are the perfect match!






#1 : Because your Teaching or Babysitting Job in Paris will be a lot of fun, a great way to enjoy France!


We offer jobs in Paris for Americans, that require you to share your language in a fun and innovative way, in babysitting

and teaching English, using your culture, your personality and our methods in teaching. We look for babysitters with proficiency in English, and as an American you're most likely the perfect fit! 


Do you have a passion for sports? film? food? American culture? By becoming a nanny with Mômji you can fly the Star Spangled Banner high and share what you love with French families!  This is what our jobs in Paris for English Speakers are about!

The children you will be teaching or looking after range from the ages of 3-10 years and we offer not only jobs in Paris, but across the country in Lyon, Lille Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Nice and many more! Your typical work schedule would be the following : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 4.30 PM to 7.30 PM and Wednesday which would be half day or full day work. With over 2500 jobs available throughout the year we offer you a vast choice of jobs which enable you to find the perfect match : a job that fits your timetable, at a convenient location and that caters to all your needs! Whether you are here as a student, a long-staying tourist or someone with a job, there's a family out there waiting for you to be their new brilliant teacher or babysitter! 

Most of our job opportunities are part-time jobs in Paris, France


#2 : Because if you are here on a student visa you can work maximum 20 hours per week


If you're an American holding a student visa you are allowed to work a maximum (average) of 21 hours per week! And good news : our positions are usually between 10 and 20 hours per week. Our job positions are ideal for young Americans or students looking for a Job in Paris France.


#3 : Because working as a Teacher or a "Nanny" is rewarding and you will learn a lot!


Babysitting is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. There's nothing that beats watching a child grow up, learn and experience life for the first time. What's more, by babysitting you create a special bond with the child that develops to play an important role in their development! The work you do will not last 10 minutes, or even a few days... it will last a lifetime! 


When you introduce the learning of a new language into the mix, it gets even better! The feeling of seeing a child take in and learn to appreciate your language and culture is so fulfilling and gives our nannies a real sense of achievement. Not only that, but in a decade or even more time, when the child is beginning to socialise with internationals and look for jobs, it is the seeds that you have planted at a young age in a foreign language that will aid their communication skills and render the, more employable.


The early days of the child's stubbornness towards you and the new language as soon forgotten as they first show signs of understanding what you say. You could be playing a game and, all of a sudden, the child is able to react immediately to the instructions you are giving in English. The next thing you know, they will have plucked up the courage to greet you in your language and ask you how you are. For many of our babysitters, it is that moment then that brings an overwhelming sense of joy.


Becoming a Nanny with Mômji starts your journey to all these experiences and more. All the whilst, you are accompanied by our team to make sure you get the very best experience possible! 


#4 : Because benefits come with the Job

For our teaching jobs in Paris, France or nanny jobs in Paris, France : Here are the benefits from working with us

  • Declared work, paid 11 to 20 euros per hour. The monthly income varies according to your number of hours worked. 
  • Our Language Ambassador work is between 5 to 40 hours per week. School holidays are not included.
  • You will benefit from a free training session and videos developed in partnership with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).
  • You can also have access to our partnership with the banks, Société Générale or BRED Banque Populaire.
  • We offer free French classes in Paris 
  • And of course, you will meet a French family and experience French culture!


#5 : Because no minimum level of French language is required

He loves learning Americans

Requirements to work in Paris with Mômji :


  • You should be aged 18 years-old or more

  • We ask you to have some formal or informal experience in childcare
  • No previous teaching experience is required



#6 : Because all those famous Americans have done it. So should you! 

Moving to France from America can be daunting and you may feel like the first person in the world to take on the culture change. However, there's a great number of successful Americans who have come before you... did you know that? Here's some of the big names who have made their homes in Paris in the past...


F. Scott Fitzgerald - Many American Jazz Age writers spent time in Paris after World War I, but none more prolific than F. Scott Fitzgerald himself. The novelist moved to the capital from the Riviera, where he had just finished the infamous The Great Gatsby. He frequented the bars of Montparnasse, ate at Les Deux Magots and brought up his daughter here before moving back to the U.S.A. when his wife became ill.

Zelda Fitzgerald - His wife is Zelda Fitzgerald. The famous socialite and flapper girl loved the ballet scene in Paris, practicing at L'Olympia theatre. Her hobbies are plain to see in her short novel, 'Save Me The Waltz', and it is widely thought that her commitment to ballet is what drove her towards schizophrenia at the end of their stay.


Ernest Hemmingway - The writers came thick and fast in the 1920s and Ernest Hemmingway could often been seen with F. Scott Fitzgerald. Their relationship was rocky at the best of times, with Hemmingway looking down on Fitzgerald's more modern behaviour, but the two seemed to get on well enough in the French capital! 


Johnny Depp - Depp may not spend all his time in Paris, but it is true that he owns an appartement in the Le Marais area. The actor spends a lot of time in Texas, but with his daughter the new face of Chanel, you might just seem him strolling by the Seine! 


Josephine Baker - You might well see her name around Paris, as it is true that American dancer and activist Josephin Baker plied her trade in the French capital. She was another of the American Jazz Age bunch who came across the ocean, and Baker did indeed find a lot of fame and success in France.



#7 : Because Mômji does all it can to help Americans settle into their life in Paris!


When you start to look for employment in Paris with the best companies to work for in France, you might start with jobs in hospitality, working in Paris as a tour guide, hotel jobs in Paris or even museum jobs in Paris.

However, by becoming a Nanny with Mômji you will reap the rewards of a company with 10 years experience of managing a foreign community in the country. 


We provide regular guides to working abroad in Paris, to help you with all the tricks to get settled and have fun. Whether it be through our regular blog updates, social media posts, ideas shared within our community or from your personal HR advisor, Mômji has it all. For example, here are some of our latest blog posts! 


American student? This article is still appropriate to help you feel settled in France when you first arrive. It'll tell you what to sort first to help settle those arrival butterflies and make the jump across the pond seem not quite so far away!

You can't get the most out of the City of Love without speaking the language! You may find everyone speaks English but discovering the true Paris and making your own mark on the French capital is so much easier if you pick up a little French along the way. We're on hand to help you do just that...

Make the most of your time across the pond with this guide to the authentic French lifestyle. Missing the highways, restaurant chains and sports of the U.S.? Don't spend time dwelling on it! There so much to fall in love with in the French culture and it's accessible to foreigners too...

Finding accommodation in France all the way from American can be a tricky task. Have you tried these websites? Whether you search a house share, your own studio or an experience living in a French family's home, there are people waiting to help. 

One foreign, English-speaking Mômji employee shares their experience of the same lifestyle that will be welcoming you. Feeling nervous about the move? Looking to settle in? Read exactly how Ashleigh managed the transition.






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