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Best Australian jobs in Paris

Find some ideas of jobs that could interest you as an australian. Learn more about our jobs for foreigners in Paris!



English teacher & after school nanny


English teaching and after school care, which is called baby-sitting in France, is usually several hours after school, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Since schools in France generally finish at 11:30am on Wednesday, looking after children will be all day until the parents get home.

These are jobs that can work around your schedule, whether you moved to France to study, for a gap year or just to gain some new experiences. Allowing time to explore your new city, or go away for the weekends to explore the rest of France, even Europe. They are also one of the best jobs to get if you speak little to no French. The best times to start looking for a job as an English teacher or a nanny is generally around the August, as the school year in France starts in September. Although if you have just finished your studies in Australia another good time to look is December as January is another time when nannies and English teachers jobs become available. Most agencies will ask for previous experience if you wish to apply for English teaching jobs, although not much previous experience is needed if you want to be a babysitter. If this type of work interests you, click here to join Mômji. 

Bars for Australians


Paris has a large English speaking expat community with people from all over the world that love to go to their local watering hole to watch sport, meet up with friends or even somewhere just to speak English and be around people from their own country or culture.

This means that there are lots of bars in Paris that hire English speakers, even with no previous knowledge of French. The best bars to look at are Irish bars as there are lots in Paris, followed by American bars, there are even a few Australian bars, the most well known in Paris is Café Oz.

Freelance Translation for English-speakers

Freelance translation can be a useful side job in France, although advanced knowledge of a second language is needed. Most websites are looking for people with degrees in modern languages such as French, Spanish, or German or degrees in translation, since this work is online, it works around your schedule and you can do it from anywhere, if you want to take that extended vacation around Europe to explore more of what this continent has to offer.

The Australian Embassy in Paris

Embassies are a good place to look, if you’re looking for a variety of jobs, the Australian embassy posts jobs regularly looking for Australians in Paris to work for them. Also it is worth looking at other anglophone embassies such as the British or American embassy for jobs as they often hire people from other countries that live in Paris.

Internships for Australians


To help gain some « real world » experience, looking for internships is a great idea because in France, they are paid with benefits such as restaurant tickets or paying for your public transport card.

Since internships are mandatory for many university courses, the working hour rules of student visas do not apply to them as they are considered a part of the course. Many companies from large international businesses to local companies offer internships in a wide range of industries as well as NGO’s such as the United Nations. You can also apply for internships in Paris here at Mômji. This is a great way to acquire some practical work experience in France and use your degree. 




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