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Au pair or babysitting in France: Advantages and disadvantages



Requirements to be an au pair in France: 


To be officially considered as an "au pair" in a foreign country, there are a few rules to know (and to respect!) 😉. 


  • An age limit: to be officially considered as an "au pair", you must be minimum 17 and maximum 30 years old! 
  • You must have a work contract! For this, your family must take into account some administrative steps: declare you to the French taxes and the French health insurance, so that you can be covered by social security. 
  • The signed contract must not exceed 30 hours per week!
  • Of course, a visa or a passport are necessary to work in France 😊

The advantages of being an au pair in a host family: 

  • Total immersion in a French family is a good way to learn the language and immerse yourself in the culture of the host country! 
  • You work directly on your workplace, so you don't need to take public transportation, and your lodging is entirely free! In addition, you don’t have extended expenses or any extra fee, as you mostly take yours meals with the kids ! µ
  • Depending on the contract signed and the services provided by the au pair to the family, his or her salary varies, but the au pair usually receives a little salary per week, which usually amounts to between 20 and 300 euros per month. 
  • For the host family, it is a real plus because they benefit from assistance and a tax reduction depending on the cost of the au pair! 



Au pair in France, an exchange of good practices  


Did you know ? 😊

"Au pair", this French expression actually goes back a long way ... from the 19th century, precisely! It can be found, for example, as early as 1840 in Honoré de Balzac’s texts, one of the most famous French authors! 

It literally means "the same", or "equal with", which shows the important place  the au pair (or the au pair boy!) occupies in the family during his stay.  

The principle is simple: in exchange for daily life activities with the children, and certain household chores, the au pair benefits from the accommodation and meals offered by his or her host family! 



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Baby-sitting in France with Mômji, the practical alternative to "au pair" care

It's not a surprise: nowadays, the professional life of young parents is often very busy, and the health crisis has definitely changed our way of life and consumption! Moreover, the exchanges and travels are more open in our modern societies : with a visa and a passport, the world is yours ! 😉
For this reason, regular home childcare is often preferred today by parents as a contribution to an au pair.
Just like being an au pair, childcare has many advantages: 

- You are free ... and mobile! As you are not tied to your host family's home, you have more independence in your daily life, but also more free time and the possibility to take time off as you wish 😉 

- A t contract made especially for you: you are not limited to 30 hours per week, and you choose your own schedule : for example, at Mômji, you can work between 5 and 40 hours per week.

- You are salaried, have a real part-time or full-time job in France, and all the benefits that come with it! 

- You have the same duties as an au pair : in most families, you will be preparing the meals, help the children with homework, and play with them while sharing your passions !

- On a daily basis, you make the time spend together a special moment of the day: you enrich the childcare of your culture, and make your differences a strength to help them grow, awaken their curiosity and develop their creativity 😊

Moreover, at Mômji, we have our own philosophy, based on sharing and mixing! 

Founded more than 10 years ago by Julien and Antoine, with the goal of revolutionizing childcare, Momji wants to make childcare a unique and enriching moment, for the children as well as for you!

For this reason, committing to us means enjoying many advantages! 

- The agency recruits all profiles: inclusive, mixed, multicultural: this is what best sums up the Mômji community 😉 With our philosophy based on sharing cultures and openness to others, everyone is welcome at Mômji! Whatever your professional background, your culture or your language is, join the collective!

- Your remuneration is between 10 euros and 20 euros per hour! 

- An easier integration: participate in our events, join the nanny community through our Facebook group, and take advantage of our many partnerships (housing, banks, leisure activities...). Ideal to meet people, in Paris or in every French city ! 

- Earn 100 euros by referring a friend thanks to our referral offer! 

- Personalized support: you have an HR advisor at your service, and a space from which you can consult your schedule, ask all your questions ...

- No need to have French nationality, or to speak fluent French, you can express yourself easilyin your native language! 

- A professionalizing experience: with us, you can get your degree in childcare free of charge and obtain a French diploma, and also attend our free english and french classes  throughout your course with us! 

Tempted to go on an adventure with us and join the Mômji community? You just have to apply by filling in this form (in 1 minute it's done), to access our offers all over France! 😊 : 






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