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Top 5 activities to do during quarantine


activities quarantine


As both the French and British government this week announce prolongations to periods of quarantine amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, these are testing times for us all. From the safety of our homes, the team at Mômji have come together with five of the best activities our community can be doing to stay proactive ‘chez vous’. 



#1 Get stuck into a good book



For many, the hustle and bustle of everyday life means that reading is often a leisure activity restricted to holidays. However, with plenty of spare time while confined at home, there’s the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a good book. 



Reading is a great mental stimulant which will keep your mind agile and make up for the normal interactions it is missing out on. It’s also proved to reduce stress and increase memory capacities by creating new synapses (parts of the brain). On top of that, it’s a chance to pick up some new vocabulary and learn about some new places and characters! 



With millions of books available online from phones, tablets and e-readers, access has never been easier. Whether it’s old classics or modern favourites, the choice is yours. If you’re someone who prefers the feeling of turning the pages physically, why not scan your bookshelves to re-read your favourite novel of times gone by. 



#2 Dust off the board games



If you’re quarantined with friends and/or family, playing board games is a fantastic way to pass the time. It’s a way of coming together with a set activity that provides structure to a day. Board games are also proven to carry many of the same mental benefits as reading, such as memory growth and stress reduction.


Furthermore, as many of us increase the time we spend mindlessly scrolling through social media on our phones, a board game can provide a welcome break for your eyes and a chance to live in the moment.


If you don’t have any board games in the cupboard, there’s still plenty you can do! Simple games such as Pictionary, charades or 20 questions don’t need any equipment and are timeless classics that are loved by many.


#3 Start a blog 



Whether you are a natural writer or not, starting a blog could be an enjoyable activity. You could choose to publish your writings on social media or websites such as WordPress, or keep it on a document for yourself - either way, it’s a great way of getting your thoughts onto paper. If you are in quarantine on your own and struggling for company, blogging can substitute the conversations you are missing. 


What’s more, we are living in a historic time that our children and grandchildren will ask about in years to come. Having a written diary of what you’re going through personally and what the world seems like from your eyes will be a great document to look back on in the future.



#4 Get inventive in the kitchen 



As we struggle to fill our time at home, it’s a good idea to spend longer on typical everyday activates. Getting creative with cooking gives you a reason to spend a little longer in the kitchen each day and you might well come out with a new favourite recipe too! 


There are countless recipes available online for all diets and ingredients. Whether it’s a new traditional dish, a tasty dessert or some baking to snack on with a cup of coffee, there’ll be a new recipe waiting for you.


#5 Stay active 



Whilst getting outside for proper exercise is restricted, there’s still plenty you can do from home. Staying active during quarantine is so important for your physical and mental health, as well as providing some much-needed structure if you can incorporate it into your daily routine. 


If you’re after some cardio-based activities, there are many circuit sessions available on the internet and some clubs such as Urban Running in Paris are offering free online classes every week. If you’re someone who fancies something a bit calmer, some yoga and/or simple stretching can make a world of difference to how you’re feeling!


The Mômji team send well wishes and strength to all of our community at these testing times. We cannot wait to be back together when it is safe to do so!




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