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Become a part-time nanny at Mômji!

nounou, miroir, garde d'enfants, créative, bilingue, jeu


Looking for a part-time job? 
Become a nanny at Mômji !





Nounou et fillette promenade

Offers adapted to your life


Are you looking for a job to supplement your first part-time activity or to combine your work and personal life?


Are you looking for a student job or simply a flexible job that adapts to your daily needs?


We have the right offer for you!


Discover all our offers adapted to your availability!

Enfant et nounou

Mômji offers work adapted to all schedules. You choose your days and hours of work to make them compatible with your schedule. 


With Mômji, you select the city where you want to work but also the type of family you will accompany: number of children and ages! You are in control of your job 😊


You have the choice: we offer you to babysit, in French thanks to our French childcare service or in English, thanks to our English childcare service.