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5 job opportunities in Paris for English-speaking students

Studying in Paris and looking for a Job? Being an international student in Paris speaking English or another language, you have numerous of possibilities to find an English speaking job in Paris, as language profiles are of very high value. Take 90 seconds to Apply and browse through the available positions !






There is a great amount of seasonal work in Paris where it is an absolute necessity to speak the English language. This kind of work is an excellent occasion to practice the language while getting valuable experience in different kinds of work areas.

Check out list below with 5 different seasonal jobs, where speaking a foreign language will make you stand out from the other candidates.


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Educational student jobs in Paris – bilingual babysitter or professor

This kind of student job will allow you to get great experience with kids, as well as give you a lot of responsibility teaching a language to children. If you love the contact with children and you have a love of education, this job is made for you! 


Mômji offers you nanny jobs in Paris France, or even English teacher positions in Paris. So come and join us – apply for one of our part-time jobs in Paris France. 



Student jobs in Paris in the hotel industry

Being a receptionist, your job is to welcome international clients as well as give them the needed information and tell them the best touristic sites to visit, to be able to do that in the best possible way, being an English speaker is a must to make these task as easy as possible for them in the best way possible.


Student librarian in an international library

This kind of job is ideal for international students! You will be in charge of training the users at the library, to show them how everything functions as well as give them all the information needed in regards to the library.


In addition to your work as an international librarian in Paris and the classifying of books, you will also have the chance to promote the establishment outside of the library through social media. Fulfilling these tasks will require a high level of English. 



English-speaking student museum jobs

As an international student volunteer in a museum, your job is to welcome the visitors to the museum as well as direct them to the expositions and the monuments while ensuring that all of the safety rules are being respected.


This position will of course require a great need for foreign languages and in particular the English language


International student jobs in sales in Paris

Being an international sales assistant in Paris, is a great opportunity to use your skills in advising international customers. In this case it is very important to possess a large vocabulary in the sales domain, but also the ability to pass on the right product information directly to the clients.

An excellent level of English is highly demanded, as you will be able to advise even more clients than the French-speaking people. 


In order to have the best possible chances to find your next student job in Paris, improve your English skills with one of our foreign language courses. You may need to improve in French as well. To do so, you can participate to our French classes in Paris (free if you already work for us). If you are already looking for a job, contact Mômji and we will help you find your new job. 



Mômji : What we offer to our Nannies

In addition to finding a way to finance your stay in Paris, you will join a young company composed of friendly members, all passionate about travel, languages ​​and new cultures. Mômji is the brainchild of our two founders Antoine Gentil & Julien Viaud. The aim: to ensure that international and local bilingual profiles can transmit their culture and language on French soil. Our credo is: "learning a language from an early age". Indeed, the sooner you start learning a language, the better you will remember it.


Your role as a nanny will be to pass on your language to one or even more more children. As a babysitter your role will be to look after the child's well-being in the absence of their parents while talking to them and interacting with them in English to accustom them to the accent and sonority of the words. In your presence, the child will absorb your language like a sponge and make it their own after several days of listening. All means are good to practice English: games, stories, songs, cartoons in VO. The most important thing is for the child to have fun in your presence so that they can progress and have fun learning with you!


If you already have teaching experience, we advise you to you apply for our job offers as a special language teacher at home. Your role will be quite different from what we offer in childcare. As a language teacher, your role will be to have your students do exercises by evaluating their level to offer them activities adapted to their age: reading, conjugation exercises, grammar in a fun way. Indeed, your goal will be to create a connection with your student by seeking one of their interests that could have a close or distant relationship with English or the language you teach. By creating this link your student will have a lot more fun and will enjoy learning a new language with you.


To do this you can do all kinds of activities with the child in order to teach them vocabulary, common expressions, etc. You will have at your disposal an activity kit to help you in your activities with the child (readings, games, songs, etc) so that, no matter if you are beginning as a foreign language specific teacher, or experienced, you won't be short of ideas
This activity pack, developed especially by Mômji for its own teachers and nannies, was conceived with the help of two language specialists: Maria Kihlstedt, lecturer at Paris X-CNRS in psycholinguistics & John Herbstritt - specialized in language rhetoric at Berkeley University. In addition, we are always developing new teaching tools thanks to the various feedbacks and experiences of our Nannies that allow us to improve, modify and replace our teaching activities.



To know:

• Speak one or more foreign languages ​​with a mother tongue or current level (European level C1-C2)

• To be 18 years old

• Make a stay of 3-4 months minimum in France

• Have experience in childcare, formally (you have already worked as a contract babysitter) or informal (you have already had the opportunity to keep your little cousin, little neighbor, etc.)


Tell us all the possible experiences you had the opportunity to meet.



The choice to settle in Paris was made in order to be easily accessible to all. It is very easy to get across Paris and the capital is accessible by all means of transport possible (train, metro, car, bus, bike ...). This means that even if you live outside Paris, in the suburbs, it is always possible for you to visit Mômji easily.


Doing an activity in Paris is also an opportunity to visit the capital and participate in many events. The city is full of cultural places, places to have fun and to meet new people, including other internationals. Paris is perfect for students. The French capital is extremely lively and there is always something to do. In addition, Mômji organizes its own events to promote exchanges between our Nannies. Come meet the Mômji team during our "Wine & Cheese", our favorite event created to support our friendly atmosphere around two ingredients that represent France so well abroad: wine & cheese!



We organize a "Wine & Cheese" every month and give the date in advance via social networks and our newsletters so that you can block your evening to come to this FREE reception!


We also organize other free events to help our Nannies in their efforts to move to Paris, such as our "Life Start Paris" show, which takes place in September. This is an opportunity to learn how to open  a bank account, find housing, etc. While having a good time with other international around our buffet or in front of a comedian who attends especially for the occasion.



We do not forget our Nannies working in the other major cities of France. We regularly organize events such as Wine & Cheese in Lyon, Bordeaux, etc. And we share the date on social networks and newsletters so that you do not miss anything.



Join Mômji is to enjoy many benefits while working for a young company, innovative concept in the most beautiful city in the world!



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