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5 reasons to teach English in Paris

teach english in paris


If you’re an English-speaking student or a young professional in Paris, then teaching English to French families could be a great option for you. 


Former Mômji employee, Toby Bryant, picked up the top five reasons he’d recommend teaching English in Paris. Check them out in this article!


"Whilst on my Erasmus year abroad, I spent six months working at Mômji and witnessed the benefits of foreign-language teaching first hand. Here are five of the best reasons that I experienced to try your hand at teaching."


If you are interested in working in Paris at Mômji, apply through our online form.



#1 To immerse yourself in a French family 



"When I arrived in Paris, I wanted to make sure I experienced what French life was like to the full. I knew how easy it would be to just spend free time with my compatriots and foreign students, but I could do that every day whilst in the United Kingdom.


Mômji offered me a great way to experience what Parisian life is like for French families. Just by speaking English, there were families who wanted to welcome me into their lives. Through teaching English, I learnt how family relations work, what activities they like to do and the little traditions that made their daily lives (culinary or social)."



#2 It’s really rewarding! 



"Something I didn’t quite expect when signing up to teach English in Paris was quite how rewarding it would be. ‘Giving the gift of language’ is not just a cliché – you really do feel like you are opening opportunities for kids. 


Be that future employment, better marks at school or just the ability to chat with an English-speaking family member. It’s something that made my experience abroad even better and something I love to tell about my time!"



#3 To socialise with a new community 



"What really attracted me to Mômji was the community that comes with it. The company employs thousands of foreign-language speakers across the country and as an employee, there are plenty of chances to socialize and make new friends. 



Whether it be at Wine & Cheese events, job fares or online, events are free and fun. Plus, not only can you meet likeminded people from your home country, but there are people from all around the world with fascinating stories to share."



#4 It helps to face pricey Paris



"As the capital of France, I knew Paris could be hard on the wallet. However, I wasn’t quite prepared for how difficult it can be for a student!


That’s why having a part-time job can be a real help. Having a source of income can help fund social activities whilst any other loans or funds can cover living expenses. What’s more, teaching roles are flexible and often close to home – great practicality!"



#5 To learn transferable teaching skills



"An aspect I still use today from my work with Mômji in Paris are the transferrable skills. I have definitely improved my communication: making yourself understood by a French-speaking child can be challenging at first. Elsewhere, I became a more dedicated individual having persisted when the student was struggling. 


Those attributes are great to talk about in future job interviews and having examples from teaching English in Paris to use are perfect to illustrate the point. 


Overall, my time at Mômji was not only a highlight of my experience abroad but it’s something that continues to shape my development today. You might not have really given it a thought, but teaching English in France is such a worthwhile opportunity!"


If you’d like to work with Mômji, just like Toby, we’d love to hear from you. We are always recruiting! Apply now





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