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Teach English in France with Mômji!

At Mômji, our philosophy is to be open to the world, to others... and to all cultures!


Do you speak a foreign language perfectly and want to share your enthusiasm for that culture?


That's great! All year round, we offer English, German and Spanish teacher positions to teach students of all ages and levels!


Join our international and multicultural community and share your passion with students of all ages!


enfant qui apprends l'anglais, cours de langues





 Becoming a language teacher is a great way to pass on your passions!

Are you fascinated by Shakespeare's language? Do you dream of passing on your interest in Anglo-Saxon culture?


At Mômji, we want to create links through the power of sharing and mixing differences.

Our goal? To make this class a privileged moment of exchange and mutual enrichment through the learning of a language.


For this, we need you 😉


By giving private lessons at home, you have a flexible job, which adapts to you and your needs, by choosing your working hours.


You can work during the week according to your availability, you can also make yourself available to do a language course only during school vacations.


It's an ideal opportutnity as a student job or to cover your expenses in your spare time!



jeu map monde



Being an English teacher, or a teacher of another language, is also rewarding on a daily basis: you help your students to progress session after session, to reach their objectives: obtaining a certificate of aptitude or a diploma (TOEFL, TEFL certification...), competitions for private schools, preparation of a stay abroad... there are hundreds of good reasons to learn languages, and you go up the steps with them, while widening their openness to the world!


Whether they are in high school, in LEA at university, in a master's degree, in high school about to take the baccalaureate, enrolled in a college or private school, whether they want to enter a vocational school or obtain a Cambridge certificate (CELTA), you help them gain confidence and give them precious keys to consider their career and/or their future! 


Children from the age of 3, students, young adults... but also professionals of all ages can call on you!

To strengthen their language skills now, to develop their professional world or to open up to another culture: after all, there is no age and only good reasons to open up to languages 😊


On a daily basis, you help them progress in the language according to the program established for them, you live the experience by their side, you give them confidence in speaking and writing by identifying their strong points and working on their weak points.


Help them acquire vocabulary, master the grammar of the language, improve their oral comprehension, and gain fluency during the sessions. 


In addition, you contribute to create the world of tomorrow by actively participating in their education and enriching them daily with your knowledge, while offering them a privileged access to foreign cultures...







Because the best way to learn a language is to live it, we advocate an active and playful method of teaching, for a gentle learning experience in total immersion.


The exchange, the game, the interaction and the dialogue are the key words of our pedagogy, for a unique and enriching moment, for the student as for you!  😊


By embarking on our side and joining the Mômji community, you will join a young and dynamic team, eager to revolutionize language learning!


To do this, we recruit profiles from all walks of life, capable of speaking and transmitting their taste for foreign languages 😉

If English teachers and English courses are very popular among our clients, at Mômji, all languages, all cultures and all passions are welcome and will enrich the adventure!


We have requests for courses in all languages, in Paris and in all of France's major cities: Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Bordeaux, Rennes, Strasbourg, Lille, Nice, Toulouse!  


And don't panic, we will accompany you all the way, helping you set objectives and providing you with the necessary teaching aids!

These will be available in your personal space on the Internet, you can also have access to the materials made available in our offices, at 27, rue de Citeaux in Paris.

Come and see us to print out educational documents and get some good teaching advice


Let's teach them languages together!






Whether you are a native speaker or bilingual, teaching your native language (or your language of choice!) in a formal way is a great way to enhance your resume!


This experience proves that you know how to use pedagogical tools, that you have a sense of contact, and it proves your involvement and your seriousness!


Speaking French is not mandatory to join the adventure with us, so don't hesitate to send us your application by filling in the form below!


Good news: you don't even need a resume or specific diploma!


However, do do have a few requirements

- be 18 +

- have at least 3 months experience in language teaching 

- have the permit to work in France ( for non european citizens, have a student visa, a family visa or a work visa ) 

- Work with us for at least 3 months


... and that's it


More informations : 

- As a language teacher with Mômji, your salary will be between 14 and 20 euros gross per hour. 

- you are usually working between 1 hour and 10 hours a week 

- you can choose to work with multiple families if you want to, and choose the age of your students and their localisation too !








- You benefit from our partner relationships, and get good deals and easier access to certain services (housing, banks, cinema, travel ...).


-  As your employer, we garantee you a secure contract : you have a temporary contract, for the duration of your choice : you work between 5 and 


- The possibility to evolve and be recruited internally, just like other members of the Mômji community.


- An easier integration : you join our Facebook community (reserved for employees and contributors), and participate in our international events to exchange tips, good plans, and above all, meet people!


- You manage your schedule with complete freedom: your online space allows you to easily adjust your schedule, manage your hours, modify your profile...


- You work close to home, where you want, when you want and for whom you want: you meet your student before working with him/her, to establish a first contact and exchange on your passions!


- You have the possibility to professionalize yourself with us: take part in our free French and English courses if you don't master one of these two languages, or take your CAP early childhood while working as a bilingual nanny with us! You can also take part in our online educational workshops. 


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Join the Mômji community and apply now


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