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2,500 Jobs available!

Teach English in Paris or in one of our 10 cities in France: over 2,000 Jobs available!

Do you have experience in language teaching? Are you a student looking for a job as a private teacher (English, German, Spanish, etc) in Paris or in other French cities? By becoming a teacher at home for Mômji, you will also join an international community. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with our 2500 international teachers and bilingual babysitters, give each other good tips for example, and most important, take part in our events!



Your teaching job in France with Mômji

professeur a domicile

Our HR team will help you find the teaching job that's right for you.

  • The offer: teach languages ​​to children, teenagers, or adults through private lessons. The exchange, the game, and the dialogue are key elements in teaching, so that the language is being taught by IMMERSION.
  • Classes at your student's home or workplace (Daytime, evening, or 2 hours in the afternoon, depending on your availability)
  • We are looking for teachers in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese ... Whatever language you are fluent in. We’ve got requests in all languages! Apply here.

Choose to be a teacher with Mômji!

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  •  ​​​​​​Our teaching positions adapt perfectly to your schedule
  •  Near you: you choose the offers that interest you
  •  You benefit from a dedicated HR advisor
  •  Enjoy all the benefits of the Mômji community: take part in our events (parties with internationals), and our French language courses offered in our Paris office.
  •  Benefit from our partner discounts (accommodation, bank, mutual, language courses, cinema, travel)
  •  Free French classes in Paris
  •  A salary of €13 to €20 per hour
  •  Access to many job opportunities (internally in the Mômji Factory).
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Mômji is a company created in 2009 by 2 young founders: Antoine Gentil & Julien Viaud. With their respective experiences abroad (USA, Canada), the 2 young entrepreneurs realized that the best way to learn a language is to immerse oneself in it from a very young age (by rubbing natives whose mother tongue is the one you want to learn). From this idea: the concept of Mômji was born.


Its goal is to allow everyone (children, adults, teenagers) to enjoy language immersion without having to travel abroad!



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CRITERIA TO get a teaching job in France

  •  To be 18+
  •  Be native or perfectly bilingual speaker
  •  Have one year experience in foreign language teaching
  •  No specific diploma required / Proficiency in French is not compulsory.
  •  A dynamic personality, and pedagogical skills!
  •  We recruit all kind of profiles from around the world, as long as you are able to speak and transmit foreign languages!


Nothing's easier! Just fill out our application form. You do not need to have a resume.


Once the form is completed, you will see ALL our job offers on your personal space: Home language teachers, school teachers, and childcare jobs in foreign languages.

We advise you to select all the offers that interest you, this will speed up your recruitment and you will be contacted sooner by our HR team.

If your profile meets our selection criteria, our recruitment experts will contact you for a first telephone interview, followed by an interview in our office!


The entire Mômji team is looking forward to welcoming you 😊


Frequently asked questions


Can I teach English in France without a degree?


Yes. A degree int he chosen language is not required for this job. You level will be evaluated during your job interview.



How do I become a teacher in France?


First, you need to apply through our online form.



Then, our recrutment team will call you for a first interview, to evaluate your level in the chosen language.



If we want to go further, we will meet face to face in our office. Either you want to be a teacher or a babysitter, you can read this article to learn more about what is happening during the second job interview.



What documents do I need to teach English in France?

To save time with this kind of formalities, on the day of the interview, remember to bring:


- Your bank details,

- Your criminal record extract,

- Your Life Insurance Card (Carte Vitale).


If you are not from a Member State of the European Union, you must:

• Stay in France on a regular basis and provide documents attesting to the regularity of your situation;
• Fill out a file including a copy of your resident's card and / or a residence certificate, a temporary work permit and a temporary residence permit.
Once complete, the file must be filed with the health insurance fund closest to your place of residence.

A Working Holiday Visa allows you to pick up part-time jobs whilst abroad. Available across the world between 18 countries including France, this type of visa is a great asset to make use of.






You are still hesitating to join us as a babysitter or teacher and be be part of our international community? Chris, one of our Language Ambassadors, has embarked in this adventure with us! Discover his personal experience as a Londonian student living in Paris and working with Mômji.







5 reasons to teach English in Paris


Find below the testimony of Toby Bryant (UK), who worked for Mômji as an English teacher in the French capital.



#1 Meet a French family

Mômji offered me a great way to experience what Parisian life is like for French families. Just by speaking English, there were families who wanted to welcome me into their lives. Through teaching English, I learnt how family relations work, what activities they like to do and the little traditions that made their daily lives (culinary or social).



#2 Give the gift of language


It is not just a cliché – you really do feel like you are opening opportunities for kids. 



#3 Meet an international community


The company employs thousands of foreign-language speakers across the country and as an employee, there are plenty of chances to socialize and make new friends. They can be students or workers from different countries all over the world. We're all world's citizens after all!



#4 It helps you to live in Paris


Having a source of income can help fund social activities whilst any other loans or funds can cover living expenses.



#5 You learn new skills


I have definitely improved my communication: making yourself understood by a French-speaking child can be challenging at first. Elsewhere, I became a more dedicated individual having persisted when the student was struggling. 

Why choose us?

  • A job near you
  • A regular income
  • Flexible hours
  • A secure contract
  • Pedagogical support
  • Win 100€ for each referral