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I am looking for a bilingual nanny
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I am looking for a nanny
I am looking for a job
I am looking for a job

French childcare

With this childcare, your child will enjoy a fantastic end of the day with their nanny.

Mômji activities

At Mômji, we've come up with a variety of creative, scientific and artistic activities to suit each child's cognitive abilities and stage of development.

For afternoons full of discovery that follow children's natural rhythms!



For 1 year now, I've been looking after a little tribe with the creative approach of Mômji! Together we create, we experiment and we share our passions - Inna, Mômji nanny for 2 years
Louise and I love playing, creating and drawing - every day is different! - Aïda, Mômji nanny for 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Our French-language childcare service awakens your children's curiosity according to their age!

1/ We have developed our own pedagogy, supported by a board of experts and users of our services.

2/ Depending on your child's age and the time of daycare (after-school care, Wednesdays, vacations), your nanny will work to impact your child's development: language, motor skills, sociability.

3/ She uses everyday moments: the way home from school, the park, dinner, to propose creative activities developed by our pedagogical council.

Our French childcare service entitles you to a tax credit* equal to 50% of the cost of our services, as well as additional financial assistance from the CAF/MSA for your nanny** (as part of the PAJE allowance), the amount of which ranges from €335 to €925.26 depending on your personal situation***.


* In accordance with article 199 sexdecies of the French General Tax Code, subject to changes in legislation.

** See the conditions for entitlement on the CAF website or the MSA website.

*** The amount of aid varies according to your income, provided that you have a child under the age of 6 looked after for at least 16 hours a month. Amounts available on the CAF and MSA websites on 03/01/24.


Our selection process for nannies has been drawn up by Human Resources experts, then presented to and audited by the French Labour Office as part of the process of obtaining our quality accreditation.


We communicate with as many candidates as possible beforehand. Last year, we received over 70,000 applications! We then go through several stages:


1/ We pre-select candidates on the basis of their experience with children, their qualifications, their availability, their motivation and their language level. 


2/ We then organise an interview to check the background and motivations of the baby-sitters and carry out a typical Mômji home-sitting situation.


3/ We find THE baby-sitter profile that best suits your family and introduce them to you!

introduce them to you! (95% of first meetings are successful).

From the age of 1! And our support is personalized to the age of your children.


Our nannies are trained in our pedagogical methods and are fully aware of your children's safety. What's more, all our nannies, who look after children under 3 years of age, undergo early childhood training. 

English childcare

Discover our English childcare service !