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English speaking Nanny


nounou bilingue anglais


 Are you bilingual or fluent in English? Become a English speaking nanny and share your passions and language with the children you look after!







Become an English speaking nanny

As a Mômji nanny, you'll share special moments with the children you look after every day, while practising English.


After school, homeworks help, snacks, baths, walks in the park, games and sports... all in a spirit of sharing and creativity!

Fille et nounou

Depending on the family's needs, you may be asked to speak exclusively in English, or in short sessions to gently introduce the language to the child. 

Every month, we send you educational activities and games that you can do in English to create a specific moment for language transmission. We also invite you to create an English-speaking routine to familiarize children with the language. 

Who can become a Bilingual Nanny?


All profiles are welcome at Mômji! 


You must : 

- be over 18 years old
- experience in childcare (looking after family counts too!)
- have a valid work permit for France
- speak English