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Mômji Bilingual Nanny


nounou bilingue anglais


 Are you bilingual or fluent in English or another foreign language? Become a Mômji Bilingual Nanny and share your passions and language with the children you look after!







Become a bilingual Mômji nanny

As a Mômji nanny, you'll share special moments with the children you look after every day, while practising English or another foreign language.


School outings, homework help, snacks, baths, walks in the park, games and sports... all in a spirit of sharing and creativity!


Two types of services exist for Mômji Bilingue:


Become a Mômji Bilingue nanny in initiation! 


During this service, a specific time is reserved for practising the foreign language with the children. The rest of the service is spent in French, so that the child can learn the language gently.


In order to ensure that the learning process is both fun and effective, we provide a teaching kit for all our services, which allows us to combine games and language practice.


Become a Mômji Bilingual nanny in immersion! 


From the beginning to the end of the care, you express yourself 100% in a foreign language, as if the child was being looked after in a foreign country!


In order to ensure that your child learns in a fun and effective way, we provide a teaching kit for all our services, which allows you to mix games and language practice.

Fille et nounou

All types of profiles are welcome at Mômji: students, retirees, childcare specialists, part-time or full-time workers.


You need to be : 
• be over 18 years old 
• have experience in childcare (looking after family also counts!)
• have a valid work permit for France
• speak a foreign language, at least fluently or bilingually!


You don't need to speak French to do immersion childcare

The language most requested by our clients is English, but we have requests for all languages: Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese ... 

We offer contracts of minimum 3 months, which usually last for one school year. 

As far as remuneration is concerned, you are paid between 11.5 and 14 euros gross per hour!

American and a student in Lille for 2 years, I am a fan of the "Simon says" activity that I have the opportunity to practice every day after school with Jules and Ninon and of the homemade maple syrup pancakes!
Jessica, Mômji nanny for 2 years

Who can become a Bilingual Nanny?


Becoming a Mômji nanny allows you to work easily, where you want, when you want, in the language of your choice


Your integration is made easy: with 3000 employees and more than 190 nationalities, Mômji is the largest international community in France! 

In addition, we regularly organize parties, picnics, and workshops ...

Mômji accompanies you during your stay in France thanks to its many partnerships: guarantors, housing, banks ...

Finally, you can also take part in our free English and French courses throughout the year, and even take your early childhood CAP!