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English speaking jobs babysitting and teaching in Lyon

Do you speak English and love sharing your knowledge and your passions? Come and join Mômji ! We have hundreds of jobs for English speakers in Lyon, France. Whether you want to look after children to stimulate their creativity and watch them grow or share your passion for languages by teaching, we are always recruiting people with passion and language skills.  

Every week, 3000 children open up to the world by learning languages by our side , and 2 500 jobs offers are available and open to everyone every year ! 



English speaking jobs near you  in Lyon, France

Find a job in Lyon

Award winning, for the most innovative company in Europe in 2009, we are now present in many cities across the country : Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Nantes, Marseille, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Nice ... 


Leader in childcare services and language teaching, Mômji is always recruiting and offer hundreds of bilingual  jobs each year in Lyon, for bilingual and native speakers. A lot of French families are searching for English speakers to take care of their children, or to take English courses, so it's a good opportunity to enhance your skills! 

Our goal is to make language learning an enriching moment in the day for everyone : our students, nannies and teachers.

To do so, we want to highlight our nannies and teachers' cultures, language and passions... to create the world of tomorrow




Activité cuisine pour enfants

How about a babysitting job? During the week-ends, after school, on Wednesday, during summer holidays, in fullyou will be picking up the kids, between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. You will look after them until their parents come home.

We encourage you to initiate fun and educative  activities to get them to learn your language, via fun activities and games to encourage communication and interaction.

No worries, to help you in this challenge, w e accompany all our Mômji Bilingual nannies to garantee a fun time for all : we fournish pedagogical supports for them every two weeks, and we give all families an educational kit to mix playful activities and language learning! 

As a English speaker, you can join us as a Mômji Bilingual nanny on two formulas : 


- Become a Mômji Bilingual nanny in initiation : if you're also  speaking French, you can become a Mômji nanny in initiation : most of the childcare is happening in French, but with a time dedicated to English. You rely on everyday moments to learn them some vocabulary, correct their pronunciation, use songs to help them learn some new words ... the goal is to give children a fun and creative time with you : they'll learn english even without noticing ! 


- Become a Mômji Bilingual nanny in immersion : the childcare, from its beginning until its end, is 100% in English! The goal? Teach English to children as if they were in a foreign country ! You don't need to speak French at all if you work with this formula ! 


Our teaching jobs offers in Lyon


Do you have experience in teaching English? Then maybe apply for our english speaking jobs in region Rhones Alpes .


As a tutor, you give private lessons and you can be inspiring to children, teenagers and adults and even open them to the world by helping them learn your language! 


Every student has different goals and weaknesses : we encourage you to focus on interaction, and to adapt at the children's age to make learning interactive and easier : use supports like English videos, debates, foreign press, and establish an actual dialogue with the student by talking about classical and educational topics  as well as topics of personal interest.

Turn your classes into an unique moment of sharing and learning in both of your days ! 


Young kids might want to play and sing, while professionals might have very specific needs (preparation for exams or interviews, Tefl or certifications' obtention)

We want to immerse all of our students in English, and help all of them to progress regarding their objectives : to improve their oral skills (accent, memorization of idiomatic expressions), their writing abilities (grammatical structures, vocabulary), as well as to discover the teacher's culture.

You can also take advantage of this time together to share your passions, exchange on different perspectives or even open them to Anglo Saxon's cultures !


Teaching English in  France is a lot of advantages, for you as for your students : 

- you are flexible : choose hours that adapt to your schedule , and work wherever you want ! 

- you are well paid : our english teaching jobs' salaries is between 14 and 20 euros an hours ! 

You can obviously combine the two positions (nanny and teacher) if you are allowed to do so. 


To work with us, you don't need any qualifications, degree nor a resume,  or even to speak French but we still have a few requirements :

All we ask for is that you are over 18, have relevant experience for the jobs and own a visa that allows you to teach English in Lyon, France.

For citizens from the European Union, you do not need a specific visa.

Get an English speaking job in Lyon and join Mômji's community!  

Advantages provided by Mômji

Sometimes being in a new country or working with a family could be difficult and make you feel a little isolated.

We, at Mômji, have put a number of events in place for our nannies and teachers from all aound the world to meet each other, bar gatherings, Wine and Cheese parties, induction days etc. 

These exclusive events are useful if you want to share experience and get useful tips.

We also have developped many partnerships to help you settle during your visit in France : garantor, housing, banks, trips, entertainement, insurance, and tips to live in the country

Additionally, we offer free weekly French courses to all of our employees, whether you need to learn from scratch or just freshen it up ! 

We also offer free French classes to all our nannies and teachers but they also have the opportunity to get a French degree for free by our side while working with us ! 

Take your chance, have a look at our jobs in Paris France for English speakers! Find English jobs in Paris France, we offer student jobs in Paris France as well as teaching jobs in Paris France.


For more information or to apply directly to work with us, you can visit our website and fill in this form.




Why choose Mômji?

  • A job near you
  • A regular income
  • Flexible hours
  • A secure contract
  • Pedagogical support
  • Win 100€ for each referral