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Mômji is a company that has received approval from the State, which allows you to receive tax credit or reduction up to 50% of the service amount, as well as CAF help. If you're looking for a babysitting job or a teaching job have a look at our jobs in Paris and in France.   


All our prices are indicative only. Call us to know your rate. 



20h/mois x 25.58 € TTC


Aide de la CAF


Coût TTC avant crédit d'impôt


Crédit d'impôt


Coût TTC après crédit d'impôt


Coût net par heure de garde

511 €


- 317 €


194 €


-  97 €


97 €


4.85 €



20h/mois x 24.21 € TTC


Aide de la CAF


Coût TTC avant crédit d'impôt


Crédit d'impôt


Coût TTC après crédit d'impôt


Coût net par heure de garde

484 €


- 317 €


167 €


- 83.50 €


83.50 €


4.17 €


Mômji: an accredited company

Mômji is a service provider and a representative company that has been recognized and approved by the State, which gives great guarantees on the quality and the professionalism of its services.

You will benefit from a 50% tax reduction or credit on the income of the paid amounts. This help is granted to every household within a limit comprised between 12 000 and 15 000 euros per year, depending on your family situation (art. 199 sexdecies du Code Général des Impôts).




Tax aid: The complementary free choice of childcare service option - (PAJE)

Necessary conditions to benefit from family benefits (allocations familiales)

  •  To have a child under 6 years old born or adopted after January the 1st of 2005 

  •  To use services from a company approved by the State

  •  A minimum of 16h of services per month

  •  To have a professional activity minimum  (748,24 € for a salaried couple or 374,12 € if the parent is alone)

  •  To be up to date regarding the contribution of a pension fund (cotisations d’assurance vieillesse) for the self-employed or unemployed

Important: the family has to take charge of a minimum of 15% of the cost.


Mômji est une entreprise prestataire et mandataire de services qui a été reconnue et agréée par l’État, ce qui vous assure d’importantes garanties de qualité et de professionnalisme.


Vous bénéficiez ainsi d’un crédit d’impôt de 50% des sommes versées.


Cette aide est accordée à chaque foyer fiscal dans la limite d’un plafond compris entre 12 000 et 15 000 euros par an, selon votre situation familiale (art. 199 sexdecies du Code Général des Impôts).




Aide fiscale à la garde d'enfants (PAJE)

Nounou et enfant

Conditions pour bénéficier de l'allocation PAJE (versée par la CAF) :

  •  avoir un enfant de moins de 6 ans

  •  faire appel à un minimum de prestations de 16 heures par mois

  •  avoir une activité professionnelle minimum (748,24 € par un couple salarié ou 374,12 € si le parent est seul)

  •  être à jour des cotisations d’assurance vieillesse pour les non salariés

  •  ne pas faire appel à une autre entreprise agréée

IMPORTANT : Un minimum de 15% de la dépense reste à la charge de la famille.

Et notez que l'aide minimum versée par la CAF (dans le cadre de l'allocation PAJE) est égale à 310, 39 €.






What are your rates?

Our rates vary according to several criteria: the type of childcare chosen, the number of children to look after and the number of hours of childcare needed. 

Thus our rates are degressive. In order to obtain a cost simulation, do not hesitate to ask for a quote online and one of our advisers will call you back to establish your quote and review it together.



Can I get financial aid through your agency?


Indeed, Mômji is an agency accredited by the State and as such you can benefit from the PAJE aid (the complement of the free choice of childcare), aids which are on average 369.50 € and which are granted under conditions, do not hesitate to contact your CAF for more information.


In addition, you can also benefit from the tax deduction of 50% of your childcare expenses.


What is the registration fee and when is it due?

The membership fee of 100€ corresponds to the establishment of your contract with your nanny, the administrative management of your file as well as the activity kit that you will receive at home at the beginning of the services.


In addition, these fees are not search fees and are only due when you have chosen your nanny and the service starts. Finally, these fees are also 50% tax deductible. This corresponds to 50€ after tax deduction.