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I am looking for a bilingual nanny

Our Methodology

Discover Speaking-Agency’s innovative concept, looking after children in language immersion.

Our bilingual babysitter, the baby-speakers, are bilingual or native in a foreign language :


Designed to facilitate the learning of English, German, Spanish… from a young age, it allows to conciliate looking after children in a foreign language. For the children’s happiness and the happiness of their parents !


A bilingual or native babysitter in English, German, Spanish…


English, German , Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese etc. in line with your needs. You will therefore be able to benefit from a babysitter that will allow 100% language immersion for your children in a chosen foreign language.

Baby-Speaker rigorously selected for you

Apprendre les langues en s'amusant

Our baby-speakers are rigorously selected by our HR team.

  • All our babysitters have previous experience looking after kids.

Our recruitment team test their motivations, their skills and they reliability through several interviews and numerous situational questions.

  • Our bilingual nannies have perfectly mastered the language that you will have chosen.

They are either perfectly bilingual or native.

  • They are trained in the safety and pedagogy of Baby-Speaking.

A pedagogy developed with CNRS

Centre national de la recherche scientifique

Baby-Speaking developed an innovative and playful pedagogy, in partneship with the CNRS. It relies on teaching  a new language without being able to ressort to the French language  by using games and activities.


Our baby-speakers are trained using our tools , and have access to a pedagogical mallot to help facilitate learning.

Babysitting in language immersion is available all year round in several forms :


Speaking-Agency proposes several compositions at home :


  • After School

Our baby-speakers collect your children at the end of the school day and look after them until you return. In the immersion, the baby-sitting session will be carried out entirely in English. A very practical formula which is very pleasing to parents.

  • Wednesday

Our offer allows Wednesday to be a convivial /user-friendly and playful day. Games, creative activities, outings and snacks will be done through the Chinese language.

  • Holiday Internships

Holidays are the ideal time to introduce your child to playful learning. Make the most of them and discover our special holiday offers.

  • Shared Baby-Sitting

If you are interested in shared baby-sitting, know that it is possible with Baby-Speaking. Our baby-speaker will therefore assure the babysitting of two families at the same time, allowing you to benefit from an attractive price.

  • Full-time babysitting :

If your child hasn’t started school yet and you wish to benefit from a full-time babysitter, contact us quickly !

  • Lunch break (New)

Speaking-agency offers you its new formula for lunch breaks. Your children will enjoy their lunch break with our bilingual nannies !

  • Night

Night-time babysitting is also possible with Speaking-Agency if you are searching for a bilingual nanny whom you can trust with your children.

Are you hoping to combine several formulas ? It is evidently possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any request that you might have.

Why choose us?

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    We provide an activity kit we created in partnership with the CNRS.
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    Quality accreditation since 2009. Our employees are experimented and trained.
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    Leader in France: 3000 families and children learn languages with us every week.
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    We recruit and select your nanny amongst the 50 000 applications we receive every year.
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    We handdle for you all the administrative support. You are eligible to 50% of tax exemption and CAF allowance.

Are you looking for a job? 


Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris France for English speakers! We have Jobs in Paris France for foreigners as well as jobs for Americans in Paris France


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