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Rewards Program

Discover our rewards program! Exclusively for Mômji Clients.

Sponsor someone and do a good deed!

Do you believe in Mômji and spread the word around you? To thank you, we are committed to making a donation of 30€ to SOS Villages d'Enfants.





Presentation of the association SOS Villages d'Enfants


For more than 60 years, SOS Villages d'Enfants has offered siblings separated from their parents the opportunity to share a stable and happy childhood in an SOS children's Village. In the SOS village, in a family home, they grow up in the warmth and safety of a family-like environment, with their siblings, accompanied by an SOS mother who is present 24/7.


Shared values


The missions of SOS Villages d'Enfants are numerous: welcoming isolated siblings who lack parental support, preventing abandonment and supporting families, as well as caring for and educating children in countries where access to these services is difficult.


SOS Villages d'Enfants makes it a point of honor to preserve the identity of children by helping them make sense of their family history by maintaining their ties with their family of origin. Also, children grow up in their culture, in their country and SOS Villages d'Enfants guarantees the respect of their philosophical and religious convictions.


We are proud to be able to contribute to this project we believe in and to participate in village development. Today, there are 15 SOS children's villages in France, hosting 752 children separated from their parents. Internationally, the association operates in 136 countries and has 571 SOS children's villages. In each village, the children are accompanied by a complete teaching team (director, psychologists, educators ...) and each siblings live in their family home with their mother SOS.


So, spread the word and we will donate the 30€ to the association from the start of the services of your friend!


For that, two solutions:

1./ Indicate us the name and a phone number of the interested person, we can contact them from you 


2./ Ask him to call us directly on 01 83 95 41 74.


En résumé


Talk about us and win a 30 euros electronic gift card for Le Petit Ballon as soon as your friend starts its missions. 



Your friend will benefit a 50% discount on his membership costs ! 


We will donate 30€ to the association SOS Villages d'Enfants.