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Our story



julien and antoine co founders


An agency born from a conviction and a beautiful encounter #Since2009

When his family returned in France from two years of expatriation in the United States, Antoine Gentil noticed that his two little sisters, then very young, came back perfectly bilingual.


Understanding that the best way to learn a foreign language is to learn it at a very young age, the idea came to him quite naturally. Why not offer a language immersion service at home for children?

Antoine Gentil (ESSEC BBA-EPSCI) met Julien Viaud (HEC Montreal) during their master's degree "Innovate and undertake" at ESCP-Europe. Together, they set up this project and found the Speaking-Agency company in 2009, later named Baby-Speaking.

They surrounded themselves with experts in recruitment, as Maria Kihlstedt, lecturer in psycholinguistics at the French National Scientific Center, and John Herbstritt, specialized in the rhetoric of language at the American University of Berkeley.


Based on Maria Kihlstedt's research and John Herbstritt's experience, they developed innovative pedagogical tools and training for their future Language Ambassadors.


In 2013, in response to demand from many parents, Speaking-Agency began to expand its services, and, in addition to childcare, added home language courses for all ages with bilingual or native speakers.


Then in 2018, Garde-Active was born. The goal is to offer childcare inspired by Montessori’s pedagogy. The nannies can then carry out manual and creative activities with the little ones, to stimulate their imagination and make them more autonomous.


From Speaking-Agency to Mômji





In 2021, Speaking-Agency becomes Mômji

More than ever, the founders wanted to change the name of our adventure to better embodies our vision, our mission and our ambition.


A single name for all our services:

Mômji Bilingual: foreign language babysitting in initiation or immersion.

Mômji Creative: creative childcare based on our pedagogical brand name.

Mômji&Co: language courses for adults and children, pedagogy, cleaning & ironing, discover all our additional services.



Our mission is to awaken children’s curiosity, make them grow and blossom every day in contact with our teachers.


To make the most of their personality to help them discover a passion, a culture, a language, to share moments of life. And make your children the actors of a better world!