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10 Super Part-Time Jobs for Students in Paris

Earlier this year Paris topped the Economist Intelligence Unit’s international survey as the world’s most expensive city, joint with Hong Kong and Singapore. 


For students, who flock to Paris to experience an unforgettable study abroad, the price can come as a shock. Not to fear, however. The city offers a great number of student employment opportunities to help you cope with the prices and add to your CV.


Here at Mômji, we employ thousands of English-speakers like yourself every year. Here are a few super part-time jobs in Paris that might interest you. 






Tour Eiffel


1. Become a nanny


Wherever in the world you look for a part-time job, there will always be children to care of! Looking after them in Paris during the afternoons and evenings is a great part-time job to balance your studies and earn some money: study in the day, babysit in the evenings. It can be fulfilling, relaxed and is a reliable source of income


If you’re interested in becoming a nanny, you’ve come to the right place! Mômji has thousands of families in Paris that want services from English-speakers like yourself. In this role, you can be confident in your own language rather than worrying about your level of French! Have a look at our opportunities here and take two minutes to apply now


2. English Teaching 


If you’ve got some previous teaching experience and get a kick from giving the gift of languages, why not teach English in Paris? The world’s most widely spoken language is in hot demand in the French capital as everyone from children to adults looks to perfect the Queen’s English.


As well as babysitting, Mômji can offer teaching roles within families in France. Find out more about teaching here and head over to our application form here


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3. Museum Jobs


Home to the world’s most visited museum, Le Louvre, Paris boasts a number of top-quality museums. Wherever you go in the city, there’s bound to be a museum nearby. 


Museums can offer a range of part-time jobs in their set-up and English-speakers are highly sought after. We’ve got a list of the best museums in Paris if this is something you’re interested in!


4. Tour Guide 


If you want to work in the world of tourism, but aren’t a fan of the museum life, there’s plenty of other tour guide jobs you could try your hand at. Students often lead the city’s many guided experiences from boat tours to walking tours and everything in between. You may just need to brush up on your French history, then you’re good to go!


5. Hotel Work


Staying on the theme of tourism, hotels are another place where your English-speaking skills could offer a leg-up into a good role. As of 2015, there were 117,000 hotels in Paris so there’s guaranteed to be one in a good location for you. 


6. Bar Work 


Similarly, to babysitting, bar work is a popular student job wherever you go. With a bar on every street corner, Paris’ drinking scene is a lively one. If you’ve had previous experience as a student serving drinks in a pub or restaurant at home, this is something right up your street. 


There are several English and Australian bars in Paris too, so you can keep your lingo of “pints” and “bottles of wine” for a seamless working transition. 


7. Retail Work 


If pouring drinks isn’t your cup of tea, then a job in a shop could suit you better. Till-work is a pretty universal skill if you have previous experience, and if you don’t it’s easy enough to pick up. 


A number of the city’s shops look to employ English-speakers to help serve foreign customers too, so be sure to look out for job offers that might best apply to your profile.  


8. Disneyland 


A student-favorite in Paris, Disneyland offers seasonal work from animations to cashier work and everything in between. Again, your English will give you an advantage, but these roles are hot property among French students too. Some past experience would really help, but as long as you’re quick off the mark you could land a super part-time job at the home of Mickey!


9. Blogger


Living abroad in Paris makes for an incredible experience! It’s one that many others want to hear about too. 


There are many travel blogging roles available across the internet, or if you set up your own successful blog of vlogging channel you could make some money from advertising


10. Volunteer Work


And if your part-time job search is for a great experience and something to put on your CV, then there is always volunteer work


You may not make money, but working at one of the city’s soup kitchens, charity shops or outreach programmes are likely to provide better memories and friends than other paid roles. 


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Super part-time jobs in Paris is what Mômji is all about. Our goal is to unite English nannies and speakers with French families to share language skills, passions and life experience.

You can join us in Paris, to babysit or to teach languages but also check out our bilingual job offers in Lyon, or even find a job in Toulouse. 

No matter who you are, we always want to hear from you. Get in touch with our English-speaking team to kickstart your unforgettable Mômji journey. 






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