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Jobs in Paris for non French speakers

You don’t speak French, but you live or study in Paris and you are looking for a job in France ? We hire non French speakers and citizens from all over the world  to share their passions, culture and languages by working in Paris as part-time language instructors or nannies. If you're interested in transmitting and sharing, we have 2 500 jobs offers to fulfill every year.






Getting a job in Paris when you don't speak french : become a nanny ! 


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Mômji offers you to work with us, a french company specialized in bilingual childcare, in your mother tongue, or the language of your choice if you are bilingual.


Your mission ? Helping a french family by taking care of children from 1 year-old to 10 years-old, according to your schedule ! 


While taking them out of school, helping them with homework or during bath time, cooking their meals, you can also share a lot during childcare. For both of you, it's the opportunity to practice your favorite sports together, take a walk at the park. 


Our goal ? To make childcare a privileged moment for children as for our nannies ! 


You can work with us in your language with two different formulas


- you can look after children by becoming a Mômji Bilingual nanny in initiation : during childcare, a special time is dedicated to the practice of the foreign language with the child. You can use snack time to teach them for vocabulary, play time to sing foreign songs together, or reading them story in your language ! 


- you can also work as a Mômji Bilingual Nanny in immersion ! From the end to the beginning of the childcare, you speak 100% in your mother tongue.

To make the most of this time together, Mômji send you every two weeks some educational materials to accompany you during childcare. These pedagogical tools gives you advices, but also ideas of creative activities or scientific experiments to try together, to make language learning and teaching playful  and interactive ! 


As a Mômji Blingual nanny, you are paid between 10,5 and 14 euros per hour

Teaching jobs in Paris, no French required ! 


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As a foreigner, you can enrich French students by teaching them your language ! 


You can deal with students of all ages : children, students, but also help professional adults to achieve their professionnal or personnal goals ! 


We encourage you to to organize your sessions in a fun and innovative way, for example : encourage debate around your common interests, watch videos in the targeted language to open a discussion, try role playing ...


We want to help our students to progress regarding their objectives, by identifying their weaknesses and work on them : extend their vocabulary, boost their confidence to speak orally, develop their hability to write...

Who can work with us ?

To work with us, you don't need any diploma, or training. You can have any kind of profile : students retirees,... you can work part time or full time depending on your availabilities, and in the langauge you want : Portuguese,  English, Spanish, German,  Italian, Chinese, Japanese etc... we have requests for all languages


We only have a few requirements : 


  •  you have to be over 18 years old 
  •  have an experience in childcare, formal or informal (looking at family also counts !) 
  •  Have a work permit to work in France 
  •  Work with us for minimum 3 months 

How can you start working with us ?

1 - The process start once you completed this form.

We'll contact you to schedule an online interview with a member of our international team, where you will be asked about your previous experiences, your personnaility and your motivation. 

2 - Once we validate your application, you can finally join the experience : we will create your online private profile, with your availabilities, language spoken and personnality!

3 - Based on our clients' requests, we match you with another family, and schedule an online meeting with them.

4 - If you both agree to pursue together after this final interview, we establish your contract and you can start to work very quickly : it takes usually between 7 and 15 days to start working once you've completed the form ! 


Join the Mômji Community ! 

  •  Because we want to make the most of our time together, and help you to enjoy your stay in  France, Mômji has developed partnerships with companies like banks, Société Générale or BRED Banque Populaire. We alsohave partnerships with garantors, to help you find a home in France easily! 
  •  We will offer you a real pedagogic support, with documents and videos developed in partnership with the French National Center for Scientific Research(CNRS). 
  •  By our side, you can professionalize yourself and get free French classes or free English classes, or even pass a french diploma in the range of childcare ( CAP Early childhood). You can also be recruited internally if your experience with us is a success! 
  •  Become a part of a large multicultural community : with 3 000 employees and 190 nationalities, Mômji is one of the largest international community in France. 
  •  Stay flexible : you can work from 4h to 39h a week, next to your location, and have the guarantee of a regular income! 
  •  We are your employer as a company, so we take care of all the admistrative parts, and we stay at your disposal by phone all week long from 9am to 8pm, and on saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm at
  •  Finally, you will meet a French family and experience French culture!



Join the Mômji community and apply now!

Jobs in france for americans nanny child

We  offer jobs for non French Speakers in Paris and in other cities in France.


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