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Discover 5 student jobs in Paris where speaking English is a great advantage!

Whilst you are a student, if you have mastered English or other foreign languages, your skills are in demand! There are plenty of student jobs in Paris which need English speakers. It's the chance for you to practice your language whilst earning money! Here are 5 student jobs where speaking another language puts you above of other candidates.



Student jobs in education - Babysiter/Tutor in bilingual English

This student job allows you to look after French children and help them discover English.

If you love working with kids and passing on knowledge, this job is for you!

Mômji offers many babysitting and English teaching jobs in Paris and across France. Join us! Simply apply for one of our babysitting and teaching offers in English.

Student Jobs in catering and hotels - Hotel receptionist 

In working as a receptionist, you will be in charge of welcoming clients, showing them around the building and giving them all the information they need. To please all the clients, both anglophone and foreign, English is a minimum to take on the role.

Student Job in a Library - Library worker for Universities specializing in bilingual or foreign students

This job is often sent to students. You will be in charge of helping the library users with their needs. As well as helping to file books, you'll be able to promote the library through work outside of the building and on social media.

Here, the mastering of the local language will be vital, as well as English.

Student jobs for those passionate for art and history - Museum worker and other companies highly frequented with foreign tourists

You will be welcoming new visitors and helping them enjoy the area to the maximum, whilst following the necessary security procedures. This job will really cement your abilities to listen and respond in a foreign language. 

Student job in technology - Shop assistant for tourist customers

You will be advising clients, so a knowledge of appropriate vocabulary as well as an in-depth understanding of the products being sold by the company.

It is here that you language skills, especially English, will make you the perfect candidate - the more you can speak, the more clients you can help!

Send up your application!

To stand the best chance of finding your perfect bilingual job, contact Mômji now! Find a student job in Paris or perfect your English with our intense language lessons from your home!

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