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Paid training jobs - CAP Early Childhood Diploma

Are you currently living in Paris and looking for a job as a nanny? Obtain the French Childcare diploma, CAP Accompagnant Éducatif Petite Enfance, all whilst getting paid thanks to Mômji!






Get paid while training for childcare

Are you currently looking after children and wish to go further in your career thanks to a state recognized diploma? Acknowledge your talents and see your career evolve significantly! At Mômji we value our employees personal growth and this is why we are offering the possibility to train for the french diploma, CAP Accompagnement Éducatif Petite Enfance, all whilst getting a job in Paris and being paid!

Enfant et nounou bien être

Find out more about the CAP Diploma

Training program:
The program will begin early September and will include theoretical training followed by afternoons spent babysitting one or several children. You will work, on average, 35 hours per week on a 10 month period.
The first part of your day will be dedicated to your diploma courses at our partner school located in the center of Paris, a few minutes away from the Mômji's offices. In addition to your courses covering childcare training you will also have the opportunity to follow other, more general courses, such as French, history, geography, math and sciences. 
Please note that the exam leading to the diploma will be in French but you will be prepared for it thanks to the French courses you will be following throughout the year.
Detailed courses:

  •  At home childcare (hygiene, treatment, biology, medical science as well as training in case of emergencies)
  •  Child education techniques ( psychomotor development, child stimulation, prevention, health and environment)  
  •  Everyday service techniques ( living environment, nutrition and cooking)General subjects (French, history, geography, mathematics and science courses) 
  •  Your afternoons will be spent implementing what you have learned during your morning courses. You will be working from monday to friday, except for wednesday, when you will be working half or full days (depending on your families needs).  
  •  Mômji gives you the possibility to become a nanny and look after children all while transmitting your knowledge of foreign languages. 

What opportunities are available to you once you obtain your diploma

  •  Continue working with Mômji
  •  Work from home
  •  Become a teaching assistant Work in a childcare facility
  •  Work within holiday resorts
  •  Make yourself known and apply for a job now!