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A change of scenery while staying in France

It’s almost time for a break from school and work, but it’s a bit too late to plan a trip on the other side of the globe. To help you travel while staying in France, Mômji offers you a list of international places to visit, where there is no need to cross the border.


carte des lieux cités dans l'article



Dune du Pilat - Desert


Just South of Bordeaux, you can venture into the little desert that is the Dune du Pilat. It’s the greatest and biggest dune of Europe, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. A huge change of scenery here thanks to the salty scent of the waves, you can relax with your feet in the white sand of this miniature Sahara



dune du pilat



Landlocked between Biscarrosse and Arcachon, which are very lively cities, the dune reaches a height of over 105 meters. Once at the top, you will be amazed with a unique view of the Gascony moors and the infinite horizon of the Côte d'Argent.



Parc oriental de Maulévrier - Asia 


For a relaxing and very green break, come visit the oriental Park of Maulévrier, an Asian parenthesis in the heart of the Pays de la Loire.


Between its small, precisely pruned trees, its massive deciduous trees and its flowers of every color, the park evolves with the seasons. It is perfect for enjoying a quiet afternoon surrounded by nature, and imagining yourself going to Japan






At only 20 minutes from the Parc des Expositions of Cholet, runaway from the daily hustle and bustle by taking a walk in the peaceful alleys of this unusual park.



Colorado provençal - North America


Near the small town of Rustrel, it is possible to fly away directly to the Grand Canyon! The roads of Colorado Provençal are a rock mass made of ocher that plunge visitors into the deepest recesses of the United States, creating a reddish enclosure in the heart of the Lubéron forest.



colorado provençal



Before planning that road trip to the New Continent, Rustrel’s ochers will act as a great first taste of the famous American landmark, without the hassle of getting on an international flight. It’s the perfect destination for energetic people that search for new horizons.



Cascade des Tufs -  South America


How about venturing into the rainforests of South America? You can if you visit Cascade des Tufs.


Its pools will transport you into the depths of the Amazon jungle, South America's primary forest made up of over 300 billion trees, providing around 13% of the Earth's oxygen.



cascade des tufs



Having its source from the Cuisance, the french waterfall is formed by several galleries dug into tuff, the rock that constitutes it. Its different small mountains measure 8 to 10 meters and are covered with thick, intense green moss, which brings a touch of charm to this timeless place.



Colmar - Germany/Italy


Nicknamed “the little Venice'' because of the Lauch, the river that crosses the city, Colmar looks like an old and quaint German town.  By walking on its streets, you will fill your eyes with the warm and vivid colors of the houses and flowers.






30 minutes away from Strasbourg by train, this beautiful city is great to visit, but can also be a refreshing break on the road to the Alsacian capital. For example, to go to its famous Christmas market



Palais idéal du facteur Cheval - Spain


It’s one of the most iconic places of the Drôme. Le palais idéal du facteur Cheval gives a quite surrealist aura that recalls the Guell Park, in Spain, and its colorful ceramics. 






This “palace” is made of thousands of little stones that the postman Ferdinand Cheval picked up during its 33 years of tour. To create this building, directly in his vegetable garden, he took his inspiration from postcards and illustrated magazines that he has delivered. 


There’s an infinity of details in this place, and visiting it is like walking on an odd dream.



Palombaggia - Seychelles


The Seychelles are a dream destination for many. Heavenly beaches made of white sand and translucent blue water, the sun, the relaxation... What if we told you could find all that in Corsica? All your dreams will come true in the Palombaggia Peninsula.






This lengthy strip of sand, which looks just like a desert island, stretches for a little over 2 kilometers overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s the perfect place to leave rainy France for a few days, to take a little sunbath.



No need to go to the other side of the world to get a change of scenery, take your trip to the heart of France and enjoy its hidden landscapes and monuments that will take you on a journey...

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