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What is RQTH?

The Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Worker (RQTH in French) is a measure aimed at promoting the professional integration of disabled people in France. It allows disabled workers to benefit from a certain number of rights and aids to find or keep a job.


It is a recognition that can be granted by the Commission des Droits et de l'Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées (CDAPH) to any person with a limitation of activity or restriction of participation in society due to a disability. 


It is important to note that the RQTH is not a guarantee of employment, but a measure designed to promote the professional integration of people with disabilities. However, it can be a major asset in the search for a job, especially in an increasingly competitive labour market.




Why get RQTH? 


Financial assistance


RQTH makes it possible to benefit from financial aid to facilitate access to employment, such as the Allocation Adulte Handicapé (AAH), the complément de ressources or the majoration for  independent living.


Work organisation


It also allows you to benefit from assistance in adapting your workstation, such as the acquisition of a wheelchair, the installation of an access ramp or the adaptation of working hours. 

At Mômji, this status will allow you to benefit from 3 half-days of paid absence, without justification, in order to facilitate your medical appointments and other administrative constraints linked to your status.


Employment benefits


RQTH allows for priority re-employment in the event of economic redundancy, or priority access to professional training.


Retirement benefits


This status also allows for pension benefits, such as the possibility of retiring at the full rate before the legal age, or the possibility of a pension increase for dependent children.




Who can get access to RQTH? 



The beneficiary must : reside in mainland France. Be of French nationality or a citizen of the European Economic Area. Or have a legal residence permit for foreign nationals.


According to the Section L5213-1:

"A disabled worker is any person whose possibilities of obtaining or keeping a job are effectively reduced as a result of the impairment of one or more physical, sensory, mental or psychological functions.


You can therefore benefit from this system from the age of 16 if you suffer from a disability, a chronic illness (asthma, diabetes, heart failure, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis) or a health problem that has repercussions at work (sight problems, hearing problems, depression, rheumatism, allergies to certain products, etc.).




How to get your status?


RQTH is awarded for up to 10 years (or for life in certain cases). To benefit from it, a file must be submitted to the CDAPH. This application must include a medical certificate detailing the nature and extent of the disability, as well as information on the professional and educational background of the person concerned.


You must obtain it from the MDPH (Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées) in your place of residence, which is responsible for the reception and support of people with disabilities and their families.
Find yours:


Once completed, the application is studied by the MDPH's multidisciplinary team. Then it goes before the Commission for the Rights and Autonomy of Disabled Persons (CDAPH). This is the commission that decides on your situation as an employee.


In some cases, you may be summoned by the CDAPH to define your compensation needs (PCH).


RQTH is therefore an important measure to promote the professional integration of disabled people in France. It allows disabled workers to benefit from personalised support in their job search, financial compensation for employers and accommodation in the workplace. 

So if you have RQTH status, don't hesitate to contact our HR team at to discuss the advantages we can offer you!



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