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French habits in 5 lessons

Don’t worry, with Mômji you’ll quickly get the French Touch :). Learn the best and the worst of French sentences and habits! Have fun and enjoy your time in our beautiful country! Find out how to learn French and work in Paris.


French Habit 1:  Let’s have a drink!


Let’s start with a typical French habit: “Prendre un verre” (Have a drink). If you want to have a drink with your friends, you will need to know all of these following sentences. After lunchtime, “J’aimerais un café, s’il vous plait!” (I would like a coffee please), in a bar « Une bière s’il vous plait » (A beer please) and in a huppé party (or in one of our Wine&cheese parties): « J’aimerais un verre de vin rouge, s’il vous plait » (I would like a glass of red wine please). This last sentence is “sooo french”!



Another sentence comes with the first one: “Je vais boire un verre” (Literally, I’m going to drink a glass). It doesn’t mean you will eat a glass but it means you will have a drink with your friends. It could be important to know it when your roommate will ask you where you are going. In that case, you can also say “Viens avec nous” (Come with us) but it would be too friendly for a french guy (I’m joking, of course we’re friendly!).



French Habit 2: Are you lost?


Another sentence you will probably say a lot and even more if you’re living in Paris: “Je suis perdu, pouvez-vous m’indiquer la direction de…” (I’m lost, could you please tell me where …


Do not worry, in a few time, the parisian subway and streets will no longer be a secret to you and you will walk through Paris with your eyes closed (I’m exaggerating a bit, I admit). Meanwhile to be familiar with Parisians streets, you can find a map of the subway stations in Paris in every underground’s tickets shop.



French Habit 3: Dating in France!


Here comes a very important sentence to know. Romanticism is definitely French right? Are you dreaming to date a french girl or boy? Let’s start dredging! “Tu veux sortir avec moi? » (Do you want to go out with me?). After that, do not hesitate to speak English, French might love it to be spoken to in English even if they will probably respond in French.


Simply saying the first sentence in French, will probably melt your date down. If you’re invited at your French date’s home, here is what you need to say in French “Je t’ai amené une bouteille de vin”. Then, c’est dans la poche! (That’s in the bag)!



French Habit 4: Vocabulary needed in the public transports!


The sentence you need to know when you are using public transportation is “grève” (strike). You, foreigners are thinking that french people are always on strike. Let me tell you strike actions will probably happen during your stay in France.


Actually, that’s not a word you need to say (As a Language Ambassador, we hope you won’t start a strike) but that’s a sentence you need to understand because you will hear it a lot: “Mouvements sociaux”, “grèves du personnel”. These words are synonyms of Strike and you will probably and unfortunately hear them too much but don’t worry, it bothers French people as well!



French Habit 5: The kiss on the cheek


In French we don’t hug people, we “fais la bise”. What on earth could be “La bise”? That’s simply a kiss on each cheeks. We know you might hate this habit but if you don’t want to find yourself in an awkward position with a French person (you, trying to hug and him trying to kiss) then you should learn from now on this special way of saying hello.


Do not worry most of French people do not actually do a real kiss on each cheeks. Basically, you only need to pretend doing it while making the sound of a kiss.



Find a job in France with Mômji!


This part is just an excuse to tell you we are offering jobs in Paris France for English speakers. There are part-time jobs in Paris France including jobs in Paris for non French speakers as well as babysitting jobs in Paris France ;) Are you ready to work with French children and to become French?


Now that you read this, you’re totally ready to live as a French student. Enjoy your time!




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