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How to find a language partner with AYNI

Even if you have a babysitting job in France or if you work in Paris, it’s not always easy to find a person that will help you learn French, and correct your mistakes. Having a teacher is much better! Find out how to learn French and work in Paris.




Mômji recommends using Ayni, it is a great website that brings people from all over the world together and it won the Education Business Hackathon Prize and the Social Positive Hack4Europe Prize. Are you ready to learn and teach a language at the same time?


Why should you learn a language with Ayni?

In our globalized society, especially at work, it is more and more essential to speak many languages. But most importantly, learning new languages is fun, rewarding and helps you discover new cultures. Just like Mômji, Ayni thinks that the best way to learn a foreign language is to go through a total immersion experience.  With Ayni, you can be immersed in a language and become bilingual while staying home. Easy!


What are the advantages of using Ayni?

Ayni will enable you to meet international students from all around the world, to learn or improve the language of your choice and to discover cultural differences. You can also choose your own working pace (twice a week? It’s up to you!). On top of that, everything on Ayni website is free!


How does Ayni work?

In order to use Ayni, you only need to register online (it takes one minute) and Ayni will find your perfect language partner according to the language you can teach and the one you want to learn. After you have identified your perfect matches, send them a nice message explaining why you want to connect. Then, you can chat with your tandem partner on Ayni’s website, by text, call or even by video. Have fun!


Register here for free, and become bilingual in no time! 



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