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How to learn French in Paris?

Even once you’ve arrived in Paris, it’s not too late to master the French language. To best experience authentic French life, getting to grips with the language is a must. As leaders in bilingual babysitting, Mômji understands the challenges of language learning and the importance of integrating it into everyday life. Therefore, we present to you the best ways to improve your French whilst living in Paris… Find out how to learn French and work in France.


1. French Lessons


Whilst lessons may bring back unwanted memories of school classrooms, it’s the fastest way to pick up the language for sure. Dedicating you mind to taking in French over a couple of hours each few days will soon see a great impact on your language skills.

Plus, French lessons are easy to come by! Did you know that by becoming a Baby-Speaker here at Mômji you get free French lessons, as well as access to our hundreds of paid part-time babysitting roles. What’s not to love?

2. Spend time with French speakers

Meet French People

This one may seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many foreign speakers choose comfort over learning a new language and spend all their time with people who speak their own language.

Without doubt, if you don’t hang out with French people, there’s no way you’ll leave speaking like a true Parisian! There are so many options available to you: rent a room with a French family, join a Sports Club, have a drink at a bar away from the tourist traps. There’s no excuse not to make some new French friends!

3. Go to the cinema


American blockbusters may be advertised all over the Paris metro, but there is a rich French cinema heritage too. Going out to watch an original French movie, or even an English film dubbed in French, can do wonders for your language level. What’s more, many original French films offer a completely different experience to American/British ones and bring a greater understanding of culture with it.

4. Museums and Tours

Centre Pompidou

Assuming you’ll be checking out the variety of museums on offer in Paris, many of which are free to those Under-26, this tip is particularly easy to do. Instead of just walking round, pay a little bit for a French audio guide or guided tour. Not only do you make sure to not miss a thing in the museum, but your experience is surrounded in French. If you don’t understand everything, no worries either, take in the exhibitions at your own pace. Just being aware of the language can be a huge help!

5. Take every opportunity when making your purchases

French Market

The most fundamental language to grasp to live in France is that of food and drink. Not only for your own survival but because it is a huge part of French culture! While out shopping or at a restaurant, take every chance to communicate with your server. Shop at the market instead of the supermarket, ask the waiter how a dish is cooked, don’t pass up on these easy opportunities!

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