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Van Life in France: Travel with Les Coflocs and Guide Michelin

van lige les coflocs


Finally, quarantine is over in France, and hopefully, you can make some plans for the upcoming holidays.


France is a very beautiful country. Unfortunately, most of the time, people from aborad only imagine the Eiffel Tower of the Champs-Élysées. France is so much more than that...


This summer in France could be the opportunity to discover this country you are living in, while preserving the environment around you.


Have you ever wished to travel in a van? To avoid the super crowded tourist areas? Learn more about this guide: 52 week-ends in van, written by two French travelers.




What is Les Coflocs?



Les Coflocs has been created by two travel enthusiasts, Florian and Laurent: their video platform gives some inspiration and ideas to travel in France, with a limited budget, while protecting the environment.


On their website, you can watch videos to discover certain regions in France you have never heard of.


For many years, Florian and Laurent have been aware that many people are not attracted anymore by mass tourism: it destroys environment, encourages massive spending, and does not respect local people in some parts of the world.


And this is where "van life attitude" comes in! Many people have chosen this way of travelling for obvious ethical reasons.


For example, did you know that, in Eastern France, there's a mountain chain called Les Vosges, in which you can do some zipeline (tyrolienne in french)?


You are attached to a cable, 30 metres from the ground, and you can admire the beauty of Eastern French forests.



What is 52 week-ends in van?


52 weekends in van


What do you really know about France?


Have you ever heard of La Montagne Noire? Le Mercantour? Le Plateau de Millevaches


Do you know that, if you manage to get a van, you can escape from the touristic crowds, and run away (or drive away) in certain places where you can contemplate French nature?


This is the goal of the Guide Michelin 52 week-ends in van.


In France, Guide Michelin is famous for writing very renowned guides, especially about French restaurants. But here, this is a French guide for people who want to think out of the box in terms of French destinations for holidays!


As for the proposed itineraries, they have the advantage of not being too common and priority has been given to natural landscapes, wisely selected for van life's fans. 


This way of travelling is also the opportunity to stop at home-made shops, to discover regional specialities.


The book offers 52 weekend routes in France: among them, 7 have been created within a radius of 200 to 300 km from major French cities (Paris, Rennes , Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon and Strasbourg).


Six themes are presented in the form of:


> Spots (tourist spots, charming villages, etc..),


> Sports and physical activities (sports and / or outdoor activities),


> Gastronomy (addresses of restaurants (restaurants, shops, markets, local producers),


> Breaks spots,


> Places to party (places to go out and festivals to liven up your evenings) as well as a “little madness” section: dream spa, starred restaurant , balloon flight…






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