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Bilingual Nanny in Paris - Testimonial

We are delighted to award Mélinda with the title 'Christmas speaker'!

Thanks to Mélinda’s excellent work as a babysitter as well as the amazing recommendation from the family she is working for, she has received a 'Merry Christmas Wonderbox’. Just like Mélinda, become a bilingual nanny ! Learn more about our nanny jobs in Paris.



The Kind words from the family Mélinda is working for


"Mélinda is a keeper! The kids love her. She is serious in regards to her work; she listens carefully to the children’s needs and requests, and makes learning English a fun game!

I can actually put it in a very simple way: Adele, who is three years old, didn’t know one single word in English two months ago and now she counts better in English than she does in French.

Mélinda is not only incredible with the kids, she also listens to us as parents and we know that she is 100% reliable.

Furthermore she respects our instructions and wishes; she is polite without being subservient and she participates in the education of our children in a very positive manner. For us, there is no doubt: Mélinda is the best speaker! She deserves this award!"


Mélinda is a baby-sitter passionated about languages!

Today, Melinda is working for two Mômji families and takes care of children in the age from 3-7 years. Mélinda was born and raised in Bobigny, in the Paris region.


Her passion for English already began in high school, where she decided to get a degree in languages and translation. As a part of her education she has been studying at the University of Birmingham, in the Great Britain.


Mélinda intends to continue her studies to become an audiovisual translator. Mélinda enjoys reading, traveling, and playing the piano. She is very passionate about languages, especially English, but with time she wishes to learn Spanish as well.

Why did you decide to work for Mômji?

I decided to work for Mômji because I am passionated about languages and I love working with children!

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have a little brother and a little sister, which have helped me a lot in my work at Mômji, because I took care of them often when they were younger.

What kind of activities do you do with the children?

When I babysit I play different kinds of games with the children. For example: "Simon Says, 1, 2, 3 sun, Hide and seek and a game with colors."


I give the name of a color in English, red for example, and then the child must either give me something red, or simply touch an object in the house that is red. That is their favorite game!

How did your first encounter with the parents go? And what is important when learning languages to children?

My encounter with the family went really well. We all got along really well. According to me, the most important thing when teaching a language to children is to find a funny way to present the language to the child.

What are your advices for other nannies?

Believe in yourself! You guys are all great! If you are working for Mômji, it is because you have the skills needed to teach kids a foreign language.





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