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If you are a student, and you are lucky enough to be bilingual (or even multilingual!), many job opportunities may open up for you on French territory, in Paris, Lyon, and elsewhere.

Renowned as a cultural and tourist destination, France is always in need of workers with a good command of English to express themselves to international clients in various sectors of activity: sales, culture, hotels and restaurants, etc.
This is an opportunity for you to become more professional and to improve your skills, while putting your talent for languages to good use! 

Mômji has compiled a list of seasonal jobs in Lyon  in which mastering a foreign language is a real plus: follow the guide! 




International student jobs in sales Lyon 

To make the most of your language skills, working in the field of commerce and sales is a great opportunity. 

In direct contact with the consumer, you will inform and advise him/her. To be able to carry out your missions, you will need to master English to welcome customers from all over the world, and to be familiar with the services and products sold by the company.

You must also have a good sense of contact and persuasive skills.

Sales jobs are very popular with students because of their flexibility: the hours can be adapted to any schedule, and Lyon's stores are generally open until early evening, as well as on Saturdays and certain holidays.

To apply for a job in Lyon and its suburbs, we advise you to approach the stores directly with your printed resume and cover letter. 

For more geographical proximity, we advise you to apply directly to the stores closest to your home, but you can also go to the emblematic shopping areas of Lyon, which are a breeding ground for professional opportunities for English-speaking students.

You can then turn to places like La Croix-Rousse, Lyon's carré d'Or (Presqu'Île district), Vieux Lyon, the Lyon-Part-Dieu shopping center, the Confluences shopping center ... and many others!


Student job in Lyon in the hotel industry

As a French metropolis, Lyon has many job offers for English-speaking students! 

In the hotel industry, for example, you could consider a job as a receptionist, welcoming, accompanying and informing clients upon their arrival in the capital of the Gauls.
You could also be asked to show tourists the most remarkable places or the most popular shopping areas in the city. 

Jobs in the hotel industry can be rewarding, but are also demanding: many hotel transactions or arrivals take place at night or late in the evening: make sure that these late hours are compatible with your schedule.

You can also work in the nightlife or restaurant business: Lyon is full of restaurants and bars that offer seasonal jobs to young people all year round. 

In these fields, your hours should also be flexible: restaurants can open late in the evening, and bars can be open most of the night! 

You will be confronted with a French and international clients, so your application will be valued if you have a good command of English. Any other foreign language you master will also be a plus in the eyes of Lyon employers. 

Here again, you can go around the city with your resume and cover letter to find the establishments closest to you. 

Some tips: some areas of Lyon are known for their lively tourist activity and nightlife: this is the case for Presqu'Île, the Saint Jean area, Fourvière, Guillotère, Terreaux and the Croix Rousse area.


English-speaking student museum jobs 


Recognized nationally and internationally for its cultural heritage, Lyon is full of exceptional places dedicated to art: contemporary art, natural history, decorative arts, puppets: there is something for everyone!


Here again, being a bilingual student is a real asset for communicating with foreign visitors: you can apply to be a museum receptionist, but you can also choose a job as a tourist guide for the great monuments of Lyon, while ensuring that safety regulations are respected. 

Among the most famous places, we find :

- the Musée des Beaux - Arts de Lyon, mainly focused on Antiquity, paintings from the 14th to the 20th century and graphic arts

- the Confluence Museum: remarkable for its modern architecture, this museum of natural history, anthropology and civilizations is one of the most famous in Lyon. 

-the Museum of Modern Art of Lyon: as its name indicates, its catalog is focused on contemporary art. With an impressive and entirely modular interior, it has hosted, among others, the 15th biennial of contemporary art, as well as the G7 in 1996.

- the Lumière museum: located in the former home of two brothers, famous for the invention of the Cinématographe, it is a true testimony of the era: there are rare collection pieces, pre-cinema objects such as optical toys and magic lanterns... 
Logically, many film screenings for enthusiasts are also organized there .

And much more: the Museum of Puppet Arts, the Gallo-Roman Museum Lugdunum, the Museum of Fabrics, the Museum of Automata, the Museum of Miniatures, are waiting for you! 

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Student job librarian in an international library 


Here too, many job offers are available for foreign students!

In an international library, the presence of bilingual employees is indeed essential, as much to inform foreign visitors as to facilitate the classification of works in foreign languages.
You may also be required to manage the social networks of the institution for which you work, possibly in several languages.
This student job requires social skills and a strong interest in literature.

International libraries are generally located in the universities of the Lyon's Academies: for example, you can apply to the library of the Maison Internationale des Langues et Cultures, specialized in Slavic and Asian languages, located on the campus of Jean Moulin University. 

The Claude Bernard University, the Lumière University and the Catholic University of Lyon also have their own public libraries.

The Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon, spread over 16 separate sites, is one of the largest public libraries in Europe and is a mythical place for research due to the importance of its collections (no less than 3.8 million documents!). 


Jobs in the educational sector: bilingual baby sitter, language teacher


In Lyon, many families are looking for baby-sitters to look after their children.

Some turn to traditional childcare solutions, but others wish to add value to this unique moment in the children's day, in particular by calling on a bilingual nanny who will be able to initiate their bilingualism, or simply begin their discovery of a new language. 
For this reason, your language skills are precious! 

Baby sitting is a job that requires patience and pedagogy, but it is also a great opportunity to share one's culture and passions, while practicing a useful job for the future and improving one's skills. 

Giving language courses is also a possibility to share knowledge. You teach students of all ages (children, high school students or adults), accompanied by teaching materials. 
You will help them to gain confidence, but also to fill their gaps in certain areas: spelling, comprehension, oral expression...

For these two jobs, it may be easier and more reassuring to go through an agency that will be able to put you in touch with families in demand, but also to ensure a fixed-term contract that will guarantee you a decent salary if you have just arrived in France.

At Mômji, for example, we suggest that you fill out this form, after which you have an informal and virtual interview with our HR department, and then we propose offers that correspond to your schedule and your location, to which you apply according to your desires. 

You then meet your future family virtually: if you wish to continue, both of you start working as quickly as possible, and you are paid between 9 and 14 euros per hour! 


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Some conditions to join us: 

- Be over 18 years old 
- Be committed to our services for a minimum of 3 months 
- Speak a foreign language, at least at a fluent level (C1 - C2)
- To have the authorization to work in France 
- Have experience in childcare 

And that's it: to work with us, you don't even need a resume! 

In addition, we offer you the opportunity to professionalize your skills by attending our free English and French courses, or even to take a french childcare diploma (CAP) with us for free.

 You also benefit from our negotiated partner advantages on dozens of good deals: housing, banks, and can participate in our Wine&Cheese events and our exclusive workshops! 

Ready for an adventure? Join the Mômji Family 



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